Here you can find the list of every single publication that has been translated from Spanish to English over the years, by volunteers and by myself, from my main Spanish website Each article reflects the knowledge, and comprehension of the topic talked about according to my understanding of it at the moment we are publishing it. We keep evolving, the Earth and humanity keeps changing, and articles from several years back may not apply, exactly as they were at their moment, as things are now developing and manifesting faster and changing constantly.

As I have been gathering, receiving and getting more information, knowledge and I have been evolving to understand more of it, if you wish to follow an order from “simpler and how things were” towards more complex explanations and “how things are now” we recommend you start reading from the old articles to the new ones, as I assume, in most posts, that old information has been understood in order to comprehend the new one that is coming.

In each case, just take whatever helps and resonates with you, and do not stop looking for the answers you seek by yourself. All this knowledge is always closer of what it may seem.

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