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Peaks in Schumann resonance and consciousness changes


In recent weeks we have tried to convey the idea that inner reality is the key to any process of external change, and the reflection of what each one contains in itself, something that thousands of people have said throughout all history, and that here we only repeat once again because it is necessary to bring to the light of the conscious mind the conviction that it is so, so that human beings can reduce the power of the automatisms that drive us, and be more aware that our reality is in our hands (in … Read the rest

When everything turns upside down

There are times when, of course, one would like to give up when already doesn’t know what to do with the turns of nut that the reality in which we exist seems to give to tighten us the screws, complicating things more and more things when we are trying to want solve what seems to be blocking, interfering, manipulating, unbalancing or throwing away the structure of our day to day, which we usually have well mounted and fixed, and that allows us to maintain the sense of stability and security for daily chores.

When this … Read the rest

When other parts of you, work for you

In the last two articles we have talked about how inner transformations are following the rhythms appropriate to each person to produce the needed change, and how to be present in that state of “here and now”, to facilitate the manifestation and appearance, little by little, of the consciousness of our Higher Self, that allows the progressive transformation of the personality, reducing the power to the automatic driver incorporated in our mental vehicle which is the ego program.

These processes and changes of which we have spoken, do not occur overnight, and although it doesn’t … Read the rest

Constant mechanisms of personal transformation

When we initiate any type of relationship (social, personal, professional, etc.) we don’t usually think to our selves, at least generally, that many times we unconsciously seek for those that will provide us with the missing resources that are needed, and that can be obtained, in cooperation with the others, for our own growth, evolutionary paths or development in some aspect or area of life.

By design, human relationships seek to fill the gaps in the learnings that cannot be filled by being alone, so that, thanks to them, one obtains the experiences, from many … Read the rest