The "circular" conception of Source and Creation

Every time we make a diagram to explain the metaphysical theory of Creation, the concept of the Primary Source, sub-sources, frequency planes, divisions at evolutionary levels, etc., we put one thing on top of another, as if they were out, connected, yes, but as if one thing hung from another in an abstract space that would serve as the basis for it.

Of course, we have no other way to represent in two dimensions of a paper and linearly the concepts of higher frequency, higher evolutionary level, higher hierarchy, energy or vibrational dependence, so we Read the rest

Precognition in the field of the multiple parallel and probable realities

Continuing with our forays into probable realities and parallel existences, let’s give a twist to the concept and instead of thinking about the individual realities of a person and the bifurcations we generate throughout our lives by creating multiple collateral existences that influence each other through the exchange of information and content between units of consciousness, let’s now broaden our point of view to approach this issue from the perspective of the human race as a whole.

Multiple planetary realities

If one of us can exist in many probable realities, it is obvious that, as Read the rest

Synchronicities that sneak in between parallel lives


My experiences with parallel realities continue. Last night, during the meditation I usually do, I was able to “feel” or perceive the exchange or flow of information (or energy, consciousness or feedback) between parts of me, although they showed in a very superficial and short way. However, I noticed an interesting effect, how an event in a parallel reality can positively or negatively influence another.

Simultaneously manifested events

In an online group where I recently am, there was a little discussion over a topic where I unfortunately participated because there was an exchange of opinions Read the rest

Probable realities, units of consciousness and the bifurcation of timelines


Last days I’ve been reading the books by Jane Roberts and Seth again which for a time, many years ago, were a gateway to the discovery of a world of expanded realities and for the compression of many of the things that although we don’t see, they are there on other planes.

It usually happens that whenever I get into a subject, it seems that “practical” experiences happen to me in order to “apply” the theoretical part I am reading. I don’t know if I do it on purpose at some level that I am Read the rest