Today I saw a very interesting article from Russia Today, talking about things that in the “Western” press will never be published. It is written by the political analyst Adrian Salbuchi, and it presents us with the list of possible “events” that can be manifested over the coming year, from the point of view of the world powers that are those that can get them going. Since we have not even four days left for the acclaimed 2012, what better article to finish the year. I translate it for you (this was translated previously to spanish and now it has been translated back to english, so there may be errors vs the original article):

“The elite in the world power behind the major governments of the planet are obsessed with the imposition of a single world government on all of us sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at the 12 mega-processes, -real triggers- that we believe will be used to achieve that goal.

All roads lead to the world government. It shouldn’t be a surprise. The London newspaper Financial Times published it openly in an article by its editor-in-chief of the Foreign Affairs area, Gideon Rachman, on December 8, 2009, which title reads: “And now for the World Government”. These objectives are more than shared by “moles” of the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign relations and the Bilderberg Club, even the Vatican.

The macro-management of planet Earth is not a simple thing. It requires tactical and strategic planning by a huge “think-tank” allied with the elite of major universities, armies of scholars, lobbies, media members, government officials, etc., All financed abundantly by global corporations and the global banking superstructure.

Each step is given in a holistic way, knowing that it must operate in different phases, moving at different speeds:

· Financial-level movements executed at the speed of light, thanks to the control of the exchange of information by technological means, that can break the markets, currencies and entire countries in a few hours or days.

· Economic movements: the manufacture of cars, airplanes, food, clothes, processing plants, houses, etc. are slower to manipulate, usually within months.

· “Political” movements, imbued with the “democratic system”, put characters chosen by the elite in power for several years.

· “Cultural” movements require whole generations to enter society, and this is where the psychological warfare against the population has reached unimaginable heights.


Risk management in these global processes considers the many surprises and possible interferences, changes and obstacles that may arise. Therefore, each plan, in each field, has a plan B, a plan C or even a plan D, which can be executed if necessary.

12 detonators to reach the world government

Today, the global elite works to finish implementing a globalization that leads to that unique government. These 12 detonators are completely intertwined and are interdependent in many cases, united in a highly complex matrix, very flexible in tactics but extremely rigid in terms of their objectives. When read as a whole, the global image that appears shows us that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts.

1) Financial slowdown. Since the year 2008, the financial system is at “life support” levels. Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner and America’s largest economic leaders-Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, in cooperation with the Bank of England and the European Central Bank, have not taken, nor will they take, any measure that helps the population to recover the economy. They have simply injected trillions into the banking elite, imposing the myth that banks must be saved because they are “too big and too important to fall.

2) economic crises. Today, extreme destructive capitalism is collapsing national economies into something like the international slavery system, the Gulag-type concentration camps, which even Stalin would envy. Our problems do not underlie the REAL economy of the planet, but with the world of pure smoke and false created by the financial system, banks and speculation.

3) Social revolts. The economic problems in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Iceland, and the ones that must come, Italy or Spain, forerunners of social movements of chaos, violence, and social upheavals, including the United Kingdom or the United States (perfect excuses for imposing new laws and standards).

4) pandemics. Get ready for more “FLU XXX” surprises, enacting compulsory vaccinations, a discreet opportunity to INSERT RFID chips into our bodies and test “smart viruses” directed against specific functions of OUR DNA. Virus attacking Especially to a certain type of race or ethnicities as part of a mass depopulation campaign?

5) Global cooling/Global warming/climatic modifications. As the economy sinks to the point of zero growth, will carbon emissions be the way to control society?

6)false-flag Terrorist attacks.The “elite” has always had this card under their sleeve and has used it many times to start new crises as shortcuts to the World Government. Will there be new attacks like the 9/11 that will justify more global wars, invasions and genocides? A nuclear weapon on a big city, whose responsible will be the “enemies” of that “elite”?

7) Generalized war in the Middle East. At the same moment that I’m writing this, naval forces, bombers, and whole armies are preparing to attack and invade Syria, Iran.

8) ecological-environmental accidents. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 framed the beginning of the end of THE USSR, showing the world that the Soviets could not manage their own nuclear facilities. In April 2010, we saw the BP platform “Deepwater Horizon” causing a catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Since March 2011, Japan and the world have been pending the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident. Has been anything more than a pure “accident”?

9) assassination of the most important political figures, to be imputed to the “enemies of the elite”. The Mossad, the CLA, ML6 are really good at this kind of dirty game.

10) attack on countries: Iraq, Libya… what’s coming next? Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea?

11) “Prepared” religious events. The increase by the masses to give meaning to life makes them easy victims of all kinds of possible “3d projections”, virtual, holograms, of any type of event like “Second Coming of Christ”. A messianic figure, generated electronically That works in sync with the goals of the global elite?

12) Prepared “Simulated” Alien Contacts. Another card under the sleeve that has been in the inkwell for decades. The population has been programmed through all kinds of films and series to believe in a certain kind of alien contact. Here too, the technology of generating holograms could manipulate and project a landing of a spacecraft (in the White House of course), stressing the need for a unified representation of humanity in the face of extraterrestrial races. Another justification for the new world order?

What do all these possible “crises” have in common? Global warming, epidemics, international terrorism, financial collapse, economic depression, or extraterrestrial contacts? They all have in common one thing, which cannot be fought or solved by a single government or nation independently, but they justify the need to have only one single government for it.

2012, a year to be especially alert, to understand the reality of the way it really is, and not the way in which TV, at the service of the global elite, want to make us believe it is.

Adrian Salbuchi for RT