It’s not always that you wake up plethoric of energy, good mood or with the desire to do everything which lies ahead and on your schedule, but when these kinds of attitudes become a routine, they can become a great handicap for a total enjoyment of life. There are always things that can be done to improve and feel better, so I will tell you some of them for those who want to put it into practice:

1) Connecting with people, reinforcing ties

Connect and establish relationships with friends, family, work colleagues, neighbors, etc. At home, at work, at school, or where you spend time normally. Reinforcing personal relationships reinforces the bonds and support and help systems among all, and are the best investment that can be made in the long run.

2) Stay Active

Take walks, practice a sport, do gardening, swim, ride bicycle , etc. The level of mobility and activity that we carry is directly related to the level of wellbeing that we can feel in ourselves. The body moves, the mind is activated and discharged from tensions, problems, worries.

3) Keep curiosity and observation active

Be curious, take some interest for unusual things, pay attention to the small changes, the things you normally do not perceive in your day to day, take a look once in a while to the sunsets or the trees of your park, learn new items that you find interesting, see how things happen around you, as changes come and go, integrate new experiences, enjoy them.

4) Keep Learning

Try new things. Rediscover an old hobby or passion. Sign up for that course or workshop, buy that new book, become volunteer for that activity you’ve never done. Try to fix something that is broken or cook a new dish. Challenge yourself and enjoy the achievement, reinforce your self-esteem and your own value seeing how you can improve and learn new stuff, and put them into practice, always enjoying the process.

5) Give and deliver

Do something for a friend, or even a stranger. Be grateful for anything that has happened to you. Smile and send your smile to those around you. Lend a hand wherever you can, as long as you’re able to. Your happiness and personal welfare are very close to your environment, it’s a circle, a chain, what you can contribute here today, may get to you tomorrow through a different way. Personal satisfaction to help is immense. That’s just why it’s worth paying attention to opportunities to do it.