A couple of ways to release energy load in the process of transition to a new frequency level

As the date of my first conference in Barcelona in September approaches, and as I am polishing the material I will try to transmit and explain, I realize how the process of writing and synthesizing all the ideas I have at this evolutionary level changes. Deep changes of understanding are taking place in me in some areas of my life and the relationship with it.

One of the objectives of this series of conferences in different cities, has more to do with what will happen at an energy level in them than with the fact of transmitting the information purely and hard. My idea is, if it’s technically possible, that in some cities they try to videotape it and then upload it to YouTube for those who can’t come. However, if it’s possible to do that with only one conference, that would be enough for me, as it happened with the previous one “Waking up the World”, which it won’t be possible this time because there are some other objectives to be met with this round of talks throughout Spain. Basically, the idea is to take advantage to teach you how to anchor and that we help to anchor this type of energies that we call the “fourth density”, the “new matrix”, the new reality in the current physical plane, and that those who come, you can at the end of the talk learn how you can work individually to resonate, often speaking, with this new “energy mesh” that is superimposing itself to the current one and that forms precisely the “place” to “where we go”. All this I will try to explain in detail during those four hours that we will be together.

Some necessary changes

Two of the things that I have personally reinforced in my understanding of the world where I live, is that my perception of certain aspects will have to change a lot, in order to detach me from a “3D 7.8Hz” reality and exist in a “higher reality 15.6Hz ”. And one of the most important issues is that we have to heal and clean certain energy charges and restrictions that bind us to the present reality and stop seeing it as a reference.

In order to get hooked to a new frequency level, you have to “vibrate” to that new frequency level, and this is one of the most difficult points to get, because here there are many people who have a lot of emotional charge accumulated in their energy system that prevents them to do so.

And two of the most important points that I am discovering in myself, have to do with releasing loads in the relationships with other people and the relationship with the material world.

The emotional charge of the second chakra

Part of the energy charge generated in our relationships with third parties goes to the second chakra, in both positive and negative polarities. For the latter, the review of those situations that we carry on our shoulders, the anger that we can not forget, the negative emotions that we do not want to let go, have to be released so that the energy current that runs through us flows correctly and you can increase your vibrational level. We have to release ballast, forgive and forgive each other, solve pending conflicts, cut hooks with other people who are harmful to us, and so on.Sometimes it is enough to imagine in a small meditation that we find ourselves sitting with that person with whom we have an open subject that needs to be healed and establish a mental dialogue as if we were talking to him or her, let go of everything we need to say, and then imagine as if a light and healing energy entered us through the seventh chakra descending into the second and healing and transmuting the energetic blocks generated by that unresolved situation. Remember that it is the power of your intention, your inner resolution to forgive, to forgive you, to heal, to close the subject, etc., which will lead you to heal it and transmute it in the most normal cases.

Letting go attachments we won’t be able to carry

Another important thing (from my point of view and how I understand it) is that one of the blockages and charges that happen to be in our being and that binds us strongly to today’s world, is related to the emotional energy we attach to the acquisition of all we consider “material possessions” with which we have developed a certain (quite) attachment.

As I will explain in the conference, the frequency level we call the “matrix 15.6Hz” is a level where the materialization of what we need occurs more spontaneously since it is a semi-etheric plane, higher than the vibration of the current physical plane and where this phenomenon is already tangible for those who know how to project their reality consciously. Therefore, once the 3D 15.6Hz environment has been reached, the concept of “attachment” to any type of material possession loses all its meaning because you can at all times easily manifest what is necessary or desired.

On the other hand, we are also not going to be able to transition with anything made of materials from our current reality, so no matter how much you accumulate now, in a few years or whenever we manage to anchor the new mesh enough (it only depends on us), only organic matter that can raise its vibrational level by itself (basically the living forms on our planet) will be able to transition naturally. It’s time to start thinking about everything we have as possessions as something purely temporary that helps us navigate and manage our current reality, but soon will have no use.

Thus, I discover that part of the energetic cleaning we have to do goes through the famous “detachment” from the material part of the world, an energetic and emotional detachment to simply consider our possessions as what they are, useful and the result of the 3D world where we live and that we will not take them to the world we are going to.

In this regard, the exercise is to start becoming aware of everything we have and the way it emotionally ties us. Can we think of living without object X or without possession Y? How dependent and hooked we feel to tool Z or to the social status we get by having W? Can we stop acquiring things WE DON´T NEED, but we only get due to the habit of buying, so established in our society? Can you donate everything you have not used in a year, but still keep “just in case”? All this is what one must examine in the process of energy load removal, to begin with.

This is all we should examine in the process of eliminating the energy load. That all that we have be genuinely useful and not that they are in our lives simply because we have the habit of acquiring things and keeping them to accumulate junk, and we do not know how to give away because they represent an energetic part of the lifestyle we have created and we do not want to touch a single comma. Anyway, sooner or later, the material part will fade away before our eyes at the time of the transition, for those who perform it. Releasing the load before the change, not only ensures the optimal level in your resonance frequency to the same, but it will also free you from an emotional burden that most of us do not even know we are carrying.

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