Those who have been following the blog for some time will remember that several months ago I started a program called Gateway Experience of the Monroe Institute (the “home” version). The previous entries regarding this subject are archived in the archives page. Although I am already about to complete the fourth part, called Adventure, not long ago, I re-did an exercise of the second block called “Problem Solving”, which basically helps to find solutions and answers to problems or questions that one has and which in a “normal” state of consciousness do not manage the get through. Since I didn’t have a specific problem to lay out clearly, I decided to ask in general what was the most important information I needed to know at that time.”

During the session nothing particular happened, but a few hours later I had a very lucid dream, a very vivid one.

Slaves in the ignorance

In that dream I was with two other people who are very close to me in a kind of underground base, a sort of huge macro gym hundreds of kilometers long, full of different spaces but without separations between them. There was room for millions of people, doing different activities, and everyone was exercising vigorously, working hard and sweating in abundance. Nobody was especially happy to do so, as they were being controlled by a few people (who I could not see, but I could tell they were there). People who were doing sports from time to time took an empty bottle they had nearby, filling it up with their energy, and passed it on to the controllers.

Everything I saw in the dream was pure white, ultra clean, and I remember that I was very surprised to see no barrier or separation between the different zones (for example, those who did exercise on the bikes and those that were doing something else in the next section). But I knew that everything was false. We were slaves, we were being exploited for our energy, and someone told me that it would be very difficult to cope with that knowledge, and that I’d better get used to the idea that it would not be easy to convey something like that.

My friends and I were not doing any sports or exercises, but trying to find a way to get away, hiding and sneaking from one zone to the next trying not to be seen by the controllers. As we were running we found a huge staircase going up. Again, all white, totally polished, clean, radiant. Nobody was watching that exit, as if it were not necessary. You were allowed to leave, nothing prevented you from doing so.

So I started running, pulling my friends along with me, and we went towards the stairs. But all of a sudden, one of those who were with me wanted to get changed what it was wearing (things that happen in a dream) to be more comfortable, and as we were getting closer to the stairs we saw a TV room with two restrooms, clearly marked as Men and Women. Hundreds of people were watching TV as they were taking a break from exercising.

That’s when I understood that that was the reason why nobody escaped, the television kept them all at a level of consciousness in which the thought of running away didn’t even cross their mind. I also noticed that the bathrooms, so vehemently marked, helped make us believe that we are separated from each other. The good thing was that you could get out of there. The bad thing was that nobody knew they could.

My personal interpretation

When I talked about the dream with the two people who were in it, they both had very similar points of view, which led me to think that perhaps it is not that difficult to convey the message implied (and which is very clear to me):

● The vast majority of humanity live like sheep, obeying subtle orders, which almost don’t seem like orders, from a few “controllers”: companies, governments, banks. The elites within the elites, in pyramidal form, in which above all, only a few, very few, are in control over all the rest. The middle sections of the pyramid, which also believe to have some control, are in turn manipulated by those at the top.

● We live in a world in which we are kept “stupefied” so that we are not too difficult to control. Junk programs on television to start off with, the terrible education received through the “official” channels, advertising, mass consumerism, long working hours to “make a living”, etc.

● We are kept in a state of constant fear and worry: attacks prepared by the very ones that propose solutions to avoid them, pandemics and diseases created in laboratories and scattered around the planet, wars and conflicts in which both sides are financed and manipulated by the same people.

● We are led to believe that we are divided, that we are enemies of each other, that the far right is opposed to the far left, when both systems were created by the same groups. Emphasis is placed on the separation of the sexes, because the union of them creates the most powerful force in the world, love, and that force can not be controlled. Emphasis is placed on everything that divides us, never on what will unite us.

● We are economically exploited, in any way imaginable. Lies of a planetary scale are made up so as to create taxes, to raise fares. Economic crises are cooked up so that people have nothing else in mind than their mortgage, their job, and the little they own.

● The truth is hidden from us: that we are beings with an incredible power to create the reality we want, that we are infinite beings, united with the universe, with life. That we can control our destiny and that we can be happy of our own right, because the evolutionary path of each one of us and the decisions we make to learn the lessons we desire can be done without suffering. Our minds united to our conscience makes us great creators, but they don’t want us to realise that.

● They encourage us to look for the solutions to everything “out there”, to keep us separated as much as possible from what we carry “within”, which is nothing more and nothing less than the power to be what we want, when we want and as we want. That power would lead us directly to happiness, but it would completely break the power that those who manipulate us have over us. Where there is awareness and conscience, there is no way of control that can overpower it.

Other considerations

I’m writing this post with sadness in my heart tonight because the number of people affected by the earthquake in Haiti has already reached 500,000. I am writing this because the earthquake appears to have been caused by the American program called HAARP (the cause of many other misfortunes on the planet, which are labeled as natural phenomena). I am sad because the fight to help people awaken has had another backlash from those who continue wanting to keep us all in a submissive flock. This world is nothing but an illusion, a game in which our essence and spirit put on a human suit to play a few games, but the game could be very different, along with its consequences.