Sometimes one finds oneself by synchronicity with books that usually confirm, by other sources, things that one learns or intuits on its own. In this case, I found myself this morning with a paragraph from a channeling by Patricia Cori, in “The Cosmos of the Soul”, that just had to do with the entry I made yesterday, so I found it interesting to copy it here in case someone needs help to better understand the concept of simultaneity and the no-time (from the point of view of the Higher Self):

“Time, as you experience it within the confines of the three-dimensional reality, is a totally artificial framework. This means that your temporal perception is based on a construction of lines composed of an ambiguous past, an indefinable and ambiguous present and a future of projected results, that often makes you feel uncertain and anxious about your live. Actually, most of your difficulties arise from your misconceptions about time, particularly now. You are beginning to be aware of the “now”, but many of you are far away from understanding that there is nothing else. This is understandable, because the experience of the no-time belongs to a higher level that is beyond your current capabilities, although you connect with it in your dreams and in your out-of-body experiences. [..]

From the higher octaves, what you perceive as past, present and future is lived as co-existing and simultaneous. This is totally incomprehensible from the three-dimensional point of view, because your history has evolved around a linear model of time. However, if you can recognize the no-time and multidimensional reality, even if it’s only intellectually, you can free yourself from nightmares and memories of better times, as well as from futuristic inventions, such as the condemnation of the imminent apocalypse.

By rediscovering your being, you begin to integrate the concept of soul consciousness by creating and recreating yourself in the body, while passing through past and future hypotheses that you consider real [..]. Paradoxically the past-present-future illusion is so credible , so apparently tangible, that it is unthinkable that time may exist in some other concept.

Just as your lives are organized on this plane, you need the structure of linear time to understand your lives, both forward and backward, in your past projection and your memory of the future. And nobody is going to convince you that the dawn, the first cup of coffee, the office and the thousand daily activities are mere fictions of your imagination, and everything happens at the same time. “There is no more than this moment.”

We can tell you that all experiences are simultaneous, and that, in multidimensional terms, there are absolutely no past or future lives at all. Therefore, at some level you’ll still have to understand, we ask you to consider that if someday you walked on Atlantis, you still exist there, and that your present world then existed on the screen of the no-time where all experiences are one. “Thinking that Atlantis currently remains a parallel reality, so close to you that you can slip in and out of that realm with incredible ease”.