A review of the state of the “new Earth” mesh and its connection to timelines

The process of frequency and energetic change to make the evolutionary and conscious jump, the passage to the “new Earth”, to the new evolutionary level, to the new “matrix”, follows, little by little, its path in all senses. As I mentioned in the conference, one of the most important points was the process of anchoring what we had called the “new Earth mesh”, the set of energies that come to us from the center of the galaxy and from the Sun, and that form a “mantle” that, by holding on to the etheric body of the planet, helps to raise its vibration through the people who make those anchor points, as if they were “light pins”, inserting points of energy in physical places around the whole planet becoming fixed and connected allowing the area in question to start vibrating higher.

A different reality in each line

One of the things that make this process complicated is that time lines, being so changing, mark different percentages of “anchored mesh” as our perception of linear time progresses, that is, for someone who is vibrating on the positive ideal line, for the so-called timeline 42, in its reality, the 70% of the mesh is already activated around the planet, for those who are on line 2, only the 50% is covered, but for those who are on line 5 , the so-called line #33, there is not a single anchor point of this “energy mantle” throughout the globe, because those points are made from the timeline on which the person who “creates” them is and it only reverberates slightly on the adjacent lines. To anchor the mesh you must have the vibration (in your energy system) of the ideal line, about 16 or 17 hz at this time, those are the points of energy that allow the frequency rise and are in the same line from where they are generated, affecting only the nearest or the most adjacent line.

If a person is vibrating above 15 hz, for example, they will notice how their environment is much more positive and vibrates faster because in their reality, in their timeline and in their vibration frequency, 70% of the planet is now covered by the 4D grid that is “attached” to the etheric body of the Earth. If we are in 2, a smaller, adjacent but still positive reality that is about half the planet with a piece of this mesh “covering” it; and if we go down to other timelines, there is less and less of the Earth with those energies inserted.

In the most negative timeline, the line that we call the number five (the so-called timeline #33), people hooked to it are resonating about 4 hz in the densest part, very, very low, and where reality is very complicated. In that reality, in that timeline, there is not a single point of light made that can serve as a “support” to raise the vibration of the “planet Earth–reality No.5” because you cannot hold a frequency or vibration of 15-17 hz on a 4 hz substrate of a contrary polarity.

More “light pins”

On the other hand, the number of people who are able to anchor points of the mesh on the planet personally or at a distance has increased somehow. There are more people able to act as receivers of high vibration energies as many have “put the batteries on” to work on themselves to do so. A friend and colleague who has been doing it for months, told me that in a meditation, he had been shown how many people are acting as “pillars” and “pins” of these vibrations is a really positive fact because personally I am aware that this work has been done for a year or so by my colleagues, and they explained to us that for many years there have been people all over the globe working on it.

Not all people on the planet will anchor or have to anchor mesh, although we will all have to raise our vibration enough to be able to hook into it if we want to be part of that change. A person vibrating at 4, 6 or 8 hz will hardly be able to perceive these energies or be aware that they “exist” in other higher realities, since these frequencies are very far from their current vibration, however, and by the mechanism of reverberation that I explained in the previous article, all those who are close to these high frequencies, will notice with more or less force their effects and will be able to benefit from them, something that will then help you to raise more your vibration and to notice even more the frequency of this new energy network-body of the planet.

Trying to raise the “lower” reality

Fortunately the base vibration of the planet continues to rise for all of us on it despite the failed efforts ¨by those on the other side¨ to prevent it. It is very possible that those who are in the lower frequency, those four or five hz, in the coming years, will see their base vibration increased, as the denser plane of vibration of the planet will already have a somehow higher frequency than the current one. Although in the conference I explain to you the theme of the increase of the Schumann resonance, and that, in general, we are around 11 hz, this is the average of the whole globe, since there are zones on Earth that continue to resonate below 5 hz and zones that are above 12 – 13 hz. If the lowest part of the planet rises above 7 or 8 hz, there is no longer anyone who can be below that vibration (no one can vibrate at a rate lower than the lowest point that exists on the planet that hosts it, because by having a chemical and organic body, connected to the chemical, physical and organic reality of the planet, our atomic structure will never vibrate below what the ground we walk on vibrates, in its slowest version), so if we get the minimum vibration of the planet to be 10 or 12 hz, even if it takes a lot of work to do it, nobody will be able to resonate lower, therefore, the more people vibrate as close as possible to 15 hz – 16 hz, the more people will be able to make this transition of evolutionary level faster without leaving their physical body behind.

Energy increase but no date assigned

For those on the most positive lines, it is still difficult to calculate how long it will take to complete that 30% or 50% mesh that is missing to be able to put the planet on a global vibration (in that reality) close to the frequency “jump point” to the frequency next vibrational plane (the activation of that upper structure called “matrix 15.6Hz” on the planet, the set of planes that will be active for the human race together with those existing at present which then produce the leap in consciousness that we call the passage to the fourth density, new matrix, etc). What is easy to predict is that because the solar system and the Earth continue their galactic journey into areas where the frequency environment has a higher vibration, all the “space” around the Earth is influenced by energies of very high vibration and, As time goes on, it will be easier to move up to the more positive timelines, for the base vibration of the Earth, even in its lower plane, is very likely (if there is no way to block it, I don’t think you’re going to miss it) to raise its frequency much higher than it is now. It’s a matter of continuing to work on yourself, because as I told you in the conference, this is a personal process, of each one where no one can do the work for you, since we all have our own version of the game to play and our free will to play it the way we want.

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