Talking about spiritual guides is starting to be quite common among people, it always has been but in petit committee, in circles where it was a “safe” topic and you could openly comment on the different experiences that someone had, however, is such a generic subject that really almost any “ethereal” thing ends up falling into this category from those intuitions that come from our subconscious up to really essences or entities of non-physical planes, passing of course by the orientation of our Higher Self.

Putting all in order

I like to classify and clarify what we are going to do, because I certainly suspect when I connect with things that I don’t perceive directly because I know the world by first hand of psychic attacks, the entities we call negatives and all kinds of energy parasites, and so on. So, although all my life I have known and noticed that the “hyperdimension” helps, only when I am able to “identify” it with more or less certainty and security do I feel comfortable working with it.

Over the years this help has always been present in my meditations The workshop connecting with spiritual guides that I give arose simply because it worked for me, helped me, and the techniques of meditation were so simple that it seemed ideological that they were not available to all by little practice with the meditation one had. Finally, and again, over the years, I’ve learned to separate different types of “help” and different sources, thereby, for an analytical mindset like mine, serves to gain confidence in such connections with other planes of reality.

I personally only speak from my experience, so this separation is simply based on my own perceptions about the different types of spiritual and non-visible help that we all have, and that I note. And they are as follows:


Deceased relatives and souls in the period between lives

A family member who has passed away, and is currently in the period between lives, is one of the sources of guidance and support that many people have and perceive clearly. They’re there, they go and come from the plans where they go reviewing and preparing their next adventures, and from time to time they become present and appear in some meditation or just you notes them near you. Personally, in my case, it was my father who for the first two years after his death was present near me and my family.

Essences and totemic energies (animals)

In many cultures, the totemic animal represents the essence of a spirit that is assigned to the person to help and protect. On a metaphysical level, totemic essences represent two things, the first one, the closer connection we have with the animal species with which we have a closer relationship in our lives manifesting itself with the characteristics of the animal morphal field with which we resonate more directly. The second one, the very essence of the group minds or souls of the animal kingdom that come in case of help as required by our Higher Self. In my case, it’s always been the wolf the totem who came and went in the meditations, who appeared everywhere in dreams and who has resonated with me.

Other totems are also part of my “support team” and have their own functionalities and features.

Spiritual guides to internal planes

What we themselves call spiritual guides are in this group, entities that have never incarnated themselves, who inhabit these internal planes of the planet (astral, mental, buddhic, etc.) and that are assigned to each of us throughout our lives. We all have these kind of guides, sometimes one or two, sometimes a bunch of beings that combine to orient us and give us help. They are entities with their own existence, they are not simple energies or essences that take shape in our minds but are so real at their frequency level as we do in ours. Of all of these, for more than 10 years in my meditations there is a main presence that I call my “coordinating guide,” and that it has its own personality.

Our Higher Self

And finally, the first and most important help is ourselves on another level what we call our Higher Self. Our Higher Self, like everything else, has another vibration, is perceived in a different way than an external guide, works at all levels, from sudden intuitions, messages in dreams, to the pure and own generation of synchronicities. It is, and remains, the main source of hyperdimensional help that we all have and with which we should never stop working.

So, if you were wondering if there was anything on the other side that was watching over you and willing to throw some help, I’ve never had any doubt that the fan is wide, another thing is what everyone wants to believe, what everyone is willing to work to open up and connect to that help, and whatever everyone wants to use and accept it.