Personally, I always try to structure and “classify” as far as possible, all the information I receive, through my own experiences, through books, courses, workshops, other people, etc. The way I understand and “unite” the “spiritual world” with the “earthly world” is to twist everything that “I discover” until it fits and makes sense, not to mention some logic (at least for me), so that it can be transmitted and explained in the simplest possible way for everyone. Since also it seems that lately I’m getting many opportunities for learning about many other alternative therapies to what I do (Akashic Healing), I thought it was interesting to try to locate this complementarity in a classification that I will present to you.

Same Objective: To heal, to improve, to evolve, to grow…

On the basis that at the end of the day all therapies have the same objective: that we improve in one way or another a part or the whole of our life, and that the majority are based on that the energy that we are can be treated with another type of energy or frequency, the idea is to see what type of therapy we use in particular for what we are specifically looking to heal, improve, evolve or balance. Having more or less clear where each applies, we know how we can combine them and use them in parallel to obtain deeper results.

“Mental” Therapies

There is a group of techniques, tools or therapies that I call “mental” because from my point of view they work more with the mind and the subconscious than with the rest of the energy system that we possess. I include in this group things like hypnosis, regressive therapies, Dianetics, Silva method, even certain branches of psychology. Everything that helps us to get what is “energetically” embedded in our subconscious and that when it is extracted produces a release and an understanding of certain situations and problems we are going through. In this group of therapies, it is the logical and rational mind that is in some way an essential part of the healing process.

“General Energy” Therapies

It is difficult to put labels, but I include within this group all those techniques and tools that allow us to treat in a general, and particular, energy level, our body and life system. Here would be included Reiki, magnified healing, sanergia (healing health energy), reconnection, Hands imposition, or healing through the Higher Self made on a global level. The idea behind these therapies is that we channel a greater vibration energy, which can “dissolve” or remove blockages and problems that we have in any of our structures and subtle bodies, and that this higher-caliber energy (we call it as we call it) is universally available to those who know how to channel and use it properly.

Techniques with “external” elements

Within this group of therapies I include everything that uses other elements to eliminate our energy problems thanks to the energy of something “external” to us, for example Gems or Crystals (using the energies of the stones and crystals), the therapies of sound (with music of all kinds of frequencies), the therapies of flowers of Bach, aromatherapy, color therapies, etc. Are all those forms of healing that are supported by the frequency and vibration of other physical elements that we have at our disposal to work directly on our body and energy fields.

“Information” Therapies

This last block I call “information” is not really therapies, but somehow, they are part of the healing process or evolution when used correctly. Information techniques are for example Akashic Records Reading where we understand the reason for a problem, or the lessons in life we are going through, or why we are always living the same situation. Understanding the reason, makes us change the point of view, gives us a completely different view of something that is happening to us and if we cannot heal it (because it is part of a lesson for example) we can realize how to complete and overcome it. At this same level, for example, there are other techniques like the I-Ching, the Astral Charts, the Tarot, the Kabbalah trees, each with its particular speciality and with its specific field of action, but after all, they all do the same, give us information about something that interests us or we need to move forward, evolve or grow.

A flexible structure

Obviously this classification is a flexible structure, in which one or several therapies can fit into several groups, but it serves me for example to know how I want to work for something in particular, one or other technique can be better because I understand the scope, the generality or its specificity, and because in some way I can combine processes of various tools to make deeper cleansing or growth processes. As I already told you, I am not an expert in any of these things that I’ve mentioned previously although I like and usually investigate many of them for their application, because only so can I see their effectiveness and how to incorporate them into my life and my work. I leave the door open to those who are professionals of all of them to hear about this “classification.”