About bunkers, prophecies and others


Today a reader has sent me a link to a story wondering what I thought. It’s a bit old, about a year ago, and it’s about the fever of buying or building bunkers by the wealthy half-planet class (and others that can afford it). An excerpt from the same quotation:

“It’s not a fiction film. The survival Group of Spain 2012 (GSE) is building bunkers in different parts of the territory to protect themselves from the end of the world that the Mayas have prophesied for that date. It does not matter if the prophecy fails: they are sure that in the face of climate change, natural disasters, the instability of sunspots and the nuclear threat, it is advisable to have a refuge. “

This “madness” to get safe is not new, in fact, there are thousands of people doing the impossible to procure a “safe” environment just in case. There is a great elite on the planet that is convinced that something is coming (and has nothing to do with the 2012, as you know), but with other changes of a more cosmic, evolutionary, natural nature. Still, most of these people seem to be part of the profile of psychopaths with the idea whose vision of the world is strongly rooted through an unfunctional mental system, leaving fear and panic to potential catastrophes in order to dictate their way of life. Many others are dragged by this general fear and end up forming part of the mass that, if they can, prepare for that hypothetical “destruction” of the world.

Many changes, no date

My personal opinion is that if there are changes coming, on a physical level. When? NO IDEA. The future is malleable, variable and totally unpredictable, and most importantly, it depends entirely on what the mass of humanity does. I believe that in the next decades many people can take a leap to a next evolutionary level. Will it be done in physical life or will we die here first to incarnate on another level? I have no idea. I have my work hypothesis that I think they are becoming real, and I keep investigating, but as there is no “evidence” or sources rather than circumstantial (fragments of ancient teachings, or some channels that seem “serious”), are still “theories” until the day we see it in front of our noses. Many months ago I published an article on the so-called nemesis hypothesis. It is in Wikipedia because it is a current and scientific theory that, at least for now, does not seem to be being discarded as “pure fantasy”.

The binary system and the Oort cloud

This hypothesis theorizes about two very important aspects, that our sun is a binary system, accompanied by a brown dwarf that every 26 billion years approaches our solar system, and that, every time it comes, generates such chaos in the so-called Oort cloud that millions of comets are launched inside the solar system, and can with total probability impact on our planet.

This star companion of the Sun would never enter the solar system, the astrophysicists who developed the theory mark an orbit that does not touch even Pluto, but whose gravitational effect is devastating for the cloud of Oort. This theory is one of the bases by which the “elite” is concerned about obtaining safe (bunkers, seed banks, etc.). If suddenly a good day begins to fall chunks of incandescent rock on the planet and know that is true (in recent months have fallen some things, which has been sold to us as space junk, that’s what’s been said). In fact, it has been speculated by other researchers that the large mass extinctions that have occurred throughout history have been due to massive rains of comets that in a short time have swept away with everything they found in their path. Well, one of the bases of so much mass hysteria in depending on what circles is that it gives full validity to this theory (just like somewhere they know something we do not know, or they do not let us see something they already see coming, who knows). initially, we are aware that something like this happens according to calculations and cycles attributed to Nemesis.

The density step

The other aspect is that really the planet is suffering terrible changes, you have only to look at the increase in earthquakes around the world and its magnitudes, the changes of climate , disasters and natural anomalies. Well, whether they hide it or not, the planet is upside down. But my impression is that it is a natural process, that as much as they want to make us believe that someone up there is in control of all this, they are as “helpless” as any of us. The earth changes because it must, because it is subject to innumerable forces and energies from the rest of the Solar system, the SUN and the galaxy. My idea, for now, is that these changes are linked to this evolutionary leap, for those who are ready for it, that is to say, I think in the next decades on the planet will coexist 4 levels, the three current kingdoms of nature and human beings in their different evolutionary level including those who give the “leap of consciousness.” But, and this is a great but, it is possible that those who do not complete their 3D learning process when is open the possibility of moving on to the next “Matrix”, have to finish what they lack in this level in a physical environment which will not be too nice. That’s another reason why that “elite”, who knows or intuits that “graduation” nothing at all, they will have to live in a complex physical environment, but completely adverse, because I do not want to think how the planet will be after a macro rain of comets. From there again the hysteria over the bunkers.

Out of our control

The problem is, of all this, we only have work hypothesis. And you can’t do anything, I mean, it’s out of our control what happens at the planetary level. So, the only way to do something, if you give validity to any of these ideas, is to continue working on your own evolution and personal development, because, if for whatever it is, it happens or the possibility arrives of “graduating”, we can do.

It still amazes me anyway that those who move the threads are so short of look in some aspects. Assuming they know that all this is true, and that it is a probable future that they have waited for decades (I have read that, since the beginning of the last century, those at the highest levels of our society know and live under the premise of the Nemesis hypothesis) , distractions continue to be generated so that the mass population is entertained with other things. It has been hard for me to understand that every level of the circles of the control system under which we live has its own agenda.


That is, if I tell you that at the highest levels, the entities and races that created us and that are out there have no intention other than to keep us as a plate of energetic food, well, it seems understandable. But at intermediate levels? What motivations are there to keep us in ignorance? Simply CONTROL of the population. If you suddenly had access to information that proves that something like that is true (I repeat, it’s still a theory), the planet would explode into chaos and terror. Or at least that seems to believe up there. The only way to keep people looking to the ground and not to heaven is a constant string of events at the planetary level: the economic crises, the conflicts, the terrible and unsolvable problems of humanity. But also, all this with the ultimate purpose of really get to have such a tight control of the population that you cannot go to the bathroom without your chip implanted to have permission for it.

The so acclaimed “New world Order” that they try to impose (from doors to outside, because of doors to inside, this I think is more than a fact), seems to follow its course to implement new measures, restrictions and limitations to the people, in order to remain clinging to a power that, if any of this happens, will lose at a stroke. That remains the Achilles heel of the thousands of people who run many of these actions, as well as the true “leaders in the Shadow”, only see what they want to see, and have little opening of sight. What is to come as far as changes on the planet comes from outside, are the new energies that open the next evolutionary level are the piece of comet rain that puts it all upside down, or BOTH at once. Every time I ask for advice in these situations, I always receive the same: work on your own personal and evolutionary path, and do not let yourself be entangled by the events generated to create distraction, chaos and concern.

And the second part of the advice: “many entities, right now, are” fighting “for having a front-row seat in these last years, on this planet. You got it. You have decided to be incarnated in convulsive but interesting times, for the meaning of the same. So, buckle up and enjoy the end of the movie. “

No one said it was easy, and I do not remember that I had been explained the film before buying the ticket, but let’s go, since we are in the cinema, it will be a matter of enjoying it!

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