The literature that exists both on the internet and in books, reports of secret projects, channelings, testimonies of all kinds, etc., about the dark side of what our value as “human beings” is, it’s really creepy. Over the years, synchronicity has brought me dozens of books that I have read taking notes of what was the most interested to me and creating my own collage of what it seemed to fit with the other “reality”.

And it is really fantastic to be incarnating in this perfect physical suit and be part of what we know as a human being, but it seems that out there, some others who incarnate in other kind of “suits” do not have the same consideration toward us. That’s what I intuit.


The phenomenon of abductions has been more than real for years, and people accept it as something “that seems to happen.” The thousands of testimonies and hypnosis sessions already clear any doubt that they are happening. What happens is that what is not so nice to read is about the purposes of them. To start from the beginning, let’s say that there are races that give us the same treatment we would give to a chicken, to a cow or to a pig.Which means they have the same consideration for a human being that the consideration we have for a pork loin.

It is horrendous, right? Animals we eat should feel the same way. Just because they are from an inferior evolutionary level of consciousness and because is part of our nature? That is what those who are of a higher evolutionary level say and it is part of their nature. No matter how much I try to be horrified by the idea that we are physical food of other beings, my Higher Self (and my conscience) remind me that I do the same thing every day. It is part of a system on a much larger scale than we are capable of perceiving. So, if many of the missing people never appear, they can be part of the menu of a two meter lizard or smart insectoids on each side. Who knows.

Genetic experimentation

This is something clearer. Our “friends” the Grays seem to take us like guinea pigs without caring about anything while conducting their experiments with us (we do not care much either when we experiment in the laboratory with rats, at the end, it is necessary to try new vaccines for the benefit of the human race. The creation of hybrid entities, or the use of human genetic material to improve their own race seem to be the main causes of these abductions, as well as the mutilation of animals, or psychological and energetic experiments related to the use of our emotions. We seem to have a few well-earned numbers to be guinea pigs for all kinds of tests, since we have a body with physical qualities, animated and emotions, which many would like for themselves.

Absorption of the vital force

From here we are entering a field that I know very well from my own experience since I see it and work it in my Akashic Healing readings every day. Entities that use human beings as energy batteries. But they are not only entities of the lower astral, they are all kinds of beings and entities, without a body, of numerous evolutionary levels which are anchored to our energy system, and that through invisible and etheric “plugs”, absorb our vital strength as part of their lifestyle. You can not “confront” or reproach them that “they are doing something wrong” because it has the same moral connotation for these beings as for us to plug a lamp into electricity in order to have light. It is what it is, by “design”.

Accumulation of data

Finally, we have a more “benevolent” use, no less intrusive, of the human being, which is nothing more than being subjects of scientific and social studies by other races, beings or groups of aliens. Basically this is like putting sensors or rings on the animals and studying their migration patterns, behaviors, etc. We, in this case, suffer the incorporation of physical and etheric implants. Physical implants are the result of being abducted, taken anywhere, and being returned with a small implant that transmits information about us to whoever that is monitoring us. The etheric implants are more sophisticated and they also appear in the readings of the records because they are part of the energy system and therefore, we can discover them. They basically transmit our parameters to whoever tunes them if they are used for the study of the human race. There are many types of implants.

What a mess

So we discovered that by joining a thousand extremes and finding and seeking information that fits, we realize that, in reality, as human beings, we are physical food, on a laboratory we are like guinea pigs, we serve as genetic material and we are also a source of information. We serve as energy for many other “more advanced” beings who ignore the law of free will and the non-interference with conscious and intelligent beings as a universal spiritual principle.

I suppose if a pig could talk, he would tell us the same thing. I can not help feeling that we are part of a much larger scheme in the game of existence, when you thought you were at the top of the chain, you discover that you are just one more link of that chain and certain emotions of impotence, worry or whatever are aroused.. Nobody is amused knowing that they can kidnap you to be eaten, but of course, what charm makes a cow go to the slaughterhouse? At the end, it is a question of how closed or open we are in our perception of reality and where we want to be in the scale.