One of our scourges as human beings is that we like to complain about everything. It’s a national sport in my country and halfway around the world. This does not go well, we do not like this, look how they’ve done this, look what has happened to me, that job is badly done, etc., etc. It’s human nature, we all say, but that doesn’t mean it’s a positive thing. When we complain things are not working as we would like them to be, we are telling the world that we have no control over them, and above all, that we do not accept responsibility for what we are involved in.

Choose and accept

At every moment of our life there is a choice to make or not to make, to choose or not to choose, to go or not to go. But when we do not accept the possible consequences (even the smallest ones, in the daily events of our life), of that which we have decided, we are throwing the stone and hiding the hand. It is important to accept that the X effect is generated by the cause Y, and even more essential to recover the power we have over our lives, but it seems that we do not get to believe it even though as many articles, movies and books that we read keep telling us so.

You create your life, accept the consequences of it

Find out at once. You have created what you have around. You are the center of your own reality and all the actors, situations and things that exist in it have been attracted to you, by you, and from you. If you share a situation, event or thing with another person, it is because you have both created a version in your reality of that situation, event or thing similar (but not identical). But your reality is yours alone, and it is up to you to accept it (if you don’t want to change it). Everything that happens to you, is a reaction to a choice you’ve made at some point, whose chain of events has come to this of what you are now complaining about.

The power to accept responsibility

The moment you scream loudly: “I accept my responsibility for all the things that happen to me, since I am the creator of all of them“, you send a powerful message to yourself. You’re a creator. And you’re aware of that. You don’t know how important this last thing is. Being aware that you have created your entire reality, although you may still do not know how to change it, puts yourself in the center of it and will make you feel with full power to modify things that you do not like.

Accepting responsibility is something as simple as observing something that has not come out as expected, you do not like, or directly annoys you and say: this is not what I expected, but I accept the responsibility of having created it.

And now. Don’t you feel better? Doesn’t it change your perspective of the situation now that you feel in control of it? Try about 20 times a day to accept mentally the responsibility of everything you have around you and begin to grow in you the sense of power and security that comes with the knowledge that you are solely responsible for your reality.

And then, later on, and if you want, you’ll learn to change it.