Activities during sleep


When we are sleeping, our soul, spirit and conscience are free to leave the body and explore, expand, experiment, learn, etc. It is something we already know. This “costume” that the physical body represents for the consciousness and higher bodies that we have, is nothing more than a vehicle that can be parked temporarily each night to have the freedom to explore other realities and planes of frequency in a much freer state. What we call “dream” is an amalgam of multiple activities which represent connections and experiences in things as different as the astral plane, parallel realities or simultaneous lives. Let’s go see it a little more in detail.

Realities / Parallel dimensions

As I commented in this previous post, our reality is multidimensional, and we exist in multiple alternative realities generated by events that we have created and executed (or not) in this timeline in which we are now “conscious” of our existence. Those other “Davids” that exist in parallel are as real as me; we are only able to “connect” with them when we are asleep (or in some deep meditation, or in a mental projection) and the conscious mind is silent and inactive.

Many of the “dreams” we have, in which we see ourselves, just as we are now, taking another life, with other people, or with them but in different situations, in real events (which seem normal) and in everyday situations, are connections with parallel realities, other incarnations and other versions of ourselves in which, from another series of events from our immediate past, a new timeline was generated with which we have now “connected” and from which we are perceiving information. In my case, for example, I saw myself as an executive (or something similar), traveling a lot, with my wife, but without my son, leading the typical life of a company director jumping from city to city all day in planes and meetings. A path that could effectively have materialized in this time line from which I write because there was a previous trajectory of my professional career as engineer that perfectly could have come to materialize that lifestyle.

Simultaneous Lives

The other things that we perceive in dreams are the simultaneous lives, those that our Higher Self has still active, whatever the historical period, which for us are past or future lives from the linear perception of time, in which we see ourselves as another character, man or woman, but knowing that are us in the inside. This connection is established through what we call a dimensional bridge created between two of our existences (the connection of each incarnation with the Higher Self) and through which we perceive what is happening in that other life, that we are not “us”, but that is another projection of our Higher Self embodying in another “costume”. I had an experience like this several months in a lucid dream, as told in this post.

Walks on the Etheric, Astral and Mental planes

The etheric plane and the mental plane are other “levels of play” in which we evolve and learn once we have detached ourselves from the physical body. The normal thing is to spend a season in these other planes and levels of the structure of our planet exploring and learning other lessons, manifesting instantaneously everything that we project with our mental or emotional body (two of the subtle bodies that continue to exist after the death of the physical body), resting, recovering energetically, etc. So, while we “dream”, what we are really doing is wandering through the different levels of the etheric or mental, making “friends” with all kinds of entities (positive and non-positive) with those that we meet, creating events, things, structures, situations, making our desires and our fears, and then, bringing a vague memory of all that experience to the conscious mind when we wake up in the morning.

Throwing a cable into the sleep of others

And of course, we are also participants in the dreams of other people, whether we know them or not, because in our interactions with all kinds of entities we come across hundreds of other “souls” or consciences whose body is peacefully asleep anywhere in the world. In these activities, we are the actors, aware that we are helping others to learn and to experience, because we represent roles and situations that are part of the lessons of personal and spiritual growth that we acquire when we are outside the physical body. This type of people who attend others are called “dream teachers” (for trying to put a name that explains its function) and play a really important role in assisting others during rest periods.

A great activity

I am sure there are many other things that we “do” while we are “dreaming”, although personally I only have my own conscience and experience of these four that I have mentioned here above.

The experiences of each one are unique, but they are essential for our continuous learning and evolution, because many of the things that do not happen to us in the physical plane, it is because we have already lived them in the etheric, astral or mental plane, because they are being lived by other simultaneous incarnations, because they have been derived to another temporal line of events and parallel reality, or simply because we have expressed them in another person’s dream. A whole world to explore, more than interesting.

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