The shapes drew in the wheat fields, the so-called “crop circles”, are every summer a shown topic in lots of pages and forums. In one of those where I regularly participate, a reader has sent somephotos of one that has recently appeared in the north of Italy, the 17th day of this month and that you can see here below:


The drawing shows the solar system with the planets aligned in the alignment position of next December, and the constellation that appears connected to the side, seems to simulate the constellation of Zeta Reticuli. As you know, that famous constellation where certain species of aliens are supposed to come from.

We laughed, the partners of the forum and I, because this really looks like it has been done by the group of 4D “negative” entities to which I refer occasionally on the blog as part of the control system. Obviously, there is no way to prove who or what has done this and the rest of “crop circles” but bearing in mind that everything that promotes fear and panic with regard to the 2012 is more than a sign of this “control system”. This message points out to an attempt of reinforcing the psyche of the planet that “something is going to happen.”

The interpretation I make, in a humorous tone, is very simple, “the aliens” from ZR are on their way from their solar system to ours, they are about to arrive. Or looking at it from another perspective, we could also interpret it as “there is a connection between our solar system and ZR” (remember that it is commented in UFOlogy circles that ZR 3 (the third planet of the solar system) is the home of the so-called “greys” (which on the other hand, they would be a purely STS species, nothing happy to be celebrated).

The problem is that in some “new era” circles this is being construed as “aliens come to save us”, “the Asthar command comes”, and comments like that, which, as a colleague said, it is creating a collective hysteria of “it is already happening “, ” they are here “, etc.

All kind of interpretations

The crop circles have always been a controversial subject, there are some of them that are purely misinformation, clearly demonstrated that they are made by humans, for example look this one with terrible “finishes” and the destruction done in the sowing:


Other crop circles are supposed to be like the symbols of reiki or other disciplines, provide a type of frequency to the planet, anchor a resonance and an energy. These we can differentiate because when they are made by “positive” or STO entities, life around them is never altered, wheat does not die, does not dry, is not damaged. The crop circles made by STOs respect all kind of conscious energy, and plants (wheat) are 2D entities.

Then, in contrast, we can see others that look like they have been made, as we have commented, to cause fear, misinform or cause confusion, and thus we assume that they are made by STS entities (with the same capacity and technology that the one used by STO entities or beings but with a different objective) to influence the planet’s and people’s frequency with fear or concern messages.

In any case, they are an interesting topic to talk about, and of course, open to all kinds of interpretations, this first, at least, it does not look like it will have much effect as it seems it was intended to have.