One of the most important subject in life is that everyone has a series of lessons, learnings and experiences to obtain, which have nothing in common with the rest of the lessons, experiences and learnings of anyone else. Each and every path of us is unique, individual and non-transferable, no one can put himself in our place nor can we put ourselves in others’ place. That’s why it’s so important to learn that it makes no sense to compare ourselves to anyone, anyone at all, because we have no idea what their evolutionary path is, and why they are going through something (or not going), and what their obstacles, lessons or rewards will be. The thought that we wish we were as such, or experiencing what happened to such, is part of the process of ”maturing” and realizing that the same thing can never happen to us or we will never become the same as another person, no matter how hard we try.

Help versus interference

Since no one can live our lessons and experiences for us, we cannot avoid the experiences and lessons of others either. Persisting in helping other people because we believe it is best for them, is to interfere in their path, to try that they do not go through here, do not do this or that, make no mistake, do not suffer or get hurt, etc, is intrusion, since the moment we are not near that person, life and their Higher Self will put before them lessons and experiences they need which we have tried to avoid them, and so they will have to go through them. Perhaps our intention is to help, but really we were only intervening on a path which is not ours.

To help when we are asked to, in the way they ask us, and according to what the person asks us is different. We accept to give a helping hand with our skills, knowledge or experiences to provide that person with a tool, knowledge or information it may be needed in his path. The person’s Higher Self will already be in charge of finding the help his incarnation needs at every moment, but it will become a violating of free will if we intervene when the personality does not want that help, it is imposed or offered constantly, so we feel better acting on that person’s behalf to make it avoid something s/he may need to go through.

We all need to make mistakes, and many of us do not like being deprived of the opportunities to do so. Making mistakes is learning, and falling a lot gives perspective and enormous teachings that can later be necessary for us. If we have never be let to make mistakes, to take the wrong path or to screw up to the limit, whatever the consequences, we are not allowing ourselves to build the necessary internal knowledge to grow, which is nothing else than getting all kinds of experiences, good and bad. We cannot go through life rescuing from their lessons and experiences all the people who are close to us, we need to worry more about our own path and assist only when we are required.

Offering solutions

Personally, when I started doing Akashic Healing readings, I was so excited about the fact of helping so many people, that I began to offer it to my environment actively and passively, I wanted to heal everyone, unlock all their areas, help them manifest abundance, heal their energetic body, make them attract their desires, etc, and my surprise was to meet some rejection, sometimes from the person, other times from their Higher Self, who did not want a certain unlocking in a certain area because it was not the time, due to what that person was going through, was part of a lesson or experience that the person had to go through and solve it on their own. Now, before each reading, I make sure I have permission to do it, although the very fact that a person comes to ask me for help acts as such, but I have stopped being a “savior” of those I wanted to help thinking I knew what was best for them. It’s not our life, nor should we make it so.

Don’t go where we’re not told to, if we’re required, offer to help, but if they say no, don’t insist! It is the Law of Free Will, each one must allow himself and others to walk his own way of highs and lows. We are not on a planet where everyone follows the same path, each one evolves at their own pace, with their experiences, in their own way. We are individual students who study in the school of life each one at their own pace, so next time you are tempted to save the world, ask yourself first whether the world wants to be saved.