Whenever we talk about evolutionary pathways, we talk about the two polarities that exist, which from our point of view we call them “positive” or “negative”, in fact the most correct term is the way ofService To Others (STO) and the Service To Self (STS).

When it comes time to promote and pass the “course”, i.e. when at the level of Higher Self we see that we have completed our current learning, one is “promoted” to the next evolutionary level. At that promotion there is an accentuation of the polarity that has been chosen or that should be chosen (consciously or unconsciously) at this current level, our 3D.

Amplifying the polarity

What determines the polarity of each one is its internal frequency or vibration, existing a certain type of actions, behaviours and decisions that generate or amplify the “energy” STS or the “energy” STO in each one of us.

How do you grow in one of the polarities? If we seek orientating tothe Service To Others, it is normal to think that simply by “giving” we are doing it well, but as in everything, the devil is in the details. The first thing is that we must remember a very important premise of the STO way: the free will of another person must never be violated, in the very moment we do it, that action increases our STS energy (the intention behind of the action is what marks the polarity of it). It is a complex and misunderstood issue, and nothing easy to implement.

Change something or someone

From our current perspective, when we find things, people or “negative” entities, we think that we can help them or change them by sending “love”, “light” or any kind of positive energy. However, realize that when we are sending something of this kind, we are doing it with the intention of changing or transforming those people or entities, because we do not accept their polarity, action, character or whatever. Therefore, we are working against the free will of that person or that entity that has chosen a “negative” path freely.

The result is that the energy of love or light or whatever you are sending becomes into energy that amplifies the STS polarity of the sender, since it does not meet the basic requirements of the way of Service To Others and if it has not been consciously requested the rules of cause-effect and action-reaction towards the sender are applied.

The Service To Self, in any of its forms, especially in the most subtle and difficult to manage, seeks to change, control and modify the others according to our the perception. That is, by thinking that this person or entity is not “as we want it to be”, we try to change him/her. In fact, the simple fact of sending energy to someone or something is an act of trying to “change” that something, which, in a frequency way, although for our standards it is something positive,as said it increases the STS polarity, since that energy has not been required to us under no circumstances.

Free exchange only when requested

That is the key point of the polarity STO, to give when we are asked to do it. Which is also much more complex than it seems. What constitutes a request for help? Sometimes a simple “help” look is the request that an STO entity needs in order to act, a formal request, a simple phrase, a gesture. But if there is no such request in any manner, to act by the fact of “thinking” that we are “helping” or that we can change or transmute something or someone for good does nothing more than increase the “STS” load backpack.

Amplifying the global STS level

We live in a global 3D STS, but each person can choose STO polarity at individual level if he knows how and acts accordingly. It is a complicated matter, in fact, the STS domain on our planet, our society, our culture, has boosted “the giving and giving” as a way to feel better. To think that we are helping, when on an energetic level, we are contributing to maintain STS energy and the same control of which we try to escape, since amplifying in us (although we do not know) our resonance frequency towards STS polarity, we manage to maintain the “polarity” on the planet as it is now.

Only our STO polarity is amplified when there is an agreed exchange, when we give, in whatsoever manner, after our assistance has been required, when no free will of any of the parties is violated in any manner. To do this, we must fight and break the social conditions that we all with regard to it. Since the moment someone asks for something freely, and the other person gives it also freely, then we are amplifying the STO polarity on both sides. In the moment that one of the persons intends to change or transform the other party (knowing it or not, since often we do not realize the real energetic reason behind our actions) we are amplifying STS polarity.