Following the last article about the different beings, energies and consciences that compound our planet, this weekend at the Zaragoza conference, I was talking to one of the companions and friend who goes and help me in this journey of conferences through different cities, and I explained him how his own guides had instructed him a method of amplifying the power of the meditations we do when, for example, we want to send energy to heal an area of the planet. This friend, who in addition of being a magnificent therapist moves energies in an impressive way, explained to me how to use the core of the planet to increase the potential of the waves and the intention we put in trying to send energy anywhere.

Connecting to the core, entering it

Basically the way to do this is to visualize, project and get inside the core of the planet, not working from the outside, as I told you when I explained, for example, how I visualize that I become the Earth’s root made of energy, but this time, visualizing that we literally get into the energy matrix that forms our planet’s iron core. Once we are inside, that’s when you start to focus on your fourth chakra, to connect with it on an even deeper way and to expand it, visualizing how we connect to the seventh chakra to the infinite energy of Creation that then enters through our crown chakra and come out, and it expands, by the heart chakra. The projected energy, being inside the nucleus or morphal field of the center of the planet, will be amplified thousands of times by the same matrix of the Earth, having a healing effect from the inside out.

If we want to send healing or energy to a specific area, the seas, as I told you a couple of articles ago, it is only necessary to put the intention on that energy that you expand from your fourth chakra and is amplified by the potential of the planet’s nucleus arrives at the destination you’re working on.

It is a magnificent and powerful way to have a much greater impact of the work that each of us do meditating from home, because we have a lot of help at our disposal and we have to take advantage of it. Now that we know better the different types of energies and consciousnesses that compound our planetary system, it is much easier to know how to connect and with whom to connect to work on all these energy healing requests that we constantly receive. So, if you want to try it, we can not only work “from above”, sending or meditating on a specific area or place, but from “inside”, doing the same but letting our initial energy be amplified thousands of times thanks to collaboration and energy construction that has the Earth’s core. Tonight will be the first time I try as soon as I meditate.