One of the most important roles we all play in this planet, at whatever level, is anchoring energies and maintaining a certain energy field wherever we go. There are persons whose only role in this world is “living” as their job lies in irradiating the electromagnetic field with which they have born with, in order to “clean” the environment, the people with whom they come across on the planet.

People who don’t have any other role than “being” in certain places, when they are not aware of it, they have a self-generated problem: they don’t know what to do with their life, they don´t understand why life leads them, crazily, from one place to another, stumbling along, causing them constant change. They are not aware that at the level of the Higher Self, at the soul level, their only role is channeling the energies that come from those other planes, and anchoring them in the planet for the betterment of all.

When you have this role, you can´t go away from a place no matter how much you wish to (a job, a situation, a relationship), as you are where you have to be, only because you have to anchor, expand or transmute the energies of that place or situation in which you are, though you, at a conscious level, may not be aware of it and may not know how to get away from something you don’t like. At some level we now what we are doing and why, at another, we feel stuck. But then it turns out, that something happens and our work ends and everything we have lived, disappears abruptly, to find ourselves in another situation where our role of “receiving antenna” and of energy harmonizing is required. And back again to start all over.

If this resonates with you, don´t worry, it is normal, and in these times of change there are many people doing this work as a full-time job, and this requires mobility, flexibility and adapting to the circumstances. You are not only learning and completing experiences that at the Higher Self level leads you to your “graduation” but you are also contributing to the betterment, amplification and integration of these energies in people, in the society, in the system and in the planet. And there is no one, better than you, to be in charge of it.