The recent events such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, or the conflicts we are living with their corresponding civilian casualties, as well as all kinds of disasters in which “suddenly” many people die, causes a large number of these people suddenly finding themselves on non-physical planes, without knowing what has happened, and in many cases in a state of shock.

When we die, when we take off the physical and solid suit that we used to enjoy in that incarnation, we move on to that other level of “the game” and experience, that we call the etheric, astral and mental planes, before reintegrating ourselves back into the processes that leads us to prepare for a new incarnation, seen linearly in time (as they are all simultaneous lifes). However, there are many ways to transition and many levels of it to continue “experimenting”, the mental plane being the “ideal place” to “be” in that second phase of our evolution. Unfortunately, many people are trapped in what we call in the lower planes, or in the belief system, because it’s the closest thing to the earthly life they have left and do not want to give it up.

Assistance in the etheric and astral levels

All these people who die suddenly and are “floating” near a physical suit that lies without life, can be given assistance. In fact, in several yahoo’s groups on astral projection which I am reading and learning, “missions” are created to give assistance to these souls (I do not know how to do it). Basically many people are projected to the area where a misfortune has occurred and try to explain to those souls, because they do not know what happened to them, and try to make them transition while waiting for their oversouls and Higher Self to “reclaim” them. Many do, while many others refuse to leave their earthly home, or their relatives, or whatever, so they end up becoming wandering spirits.

Unconscious assistance

However, it is not necessary to master the astral projection to do this assistance. In fact, one of the things that can be investigated in an Akashic Healing session of a person is what we call “occupations in the in-between-incarnations”, which would be something like the “activity” that we do when we are calmly resting and have freedom to wander without being limited by the physical body or, if we are still incarnated, is an activity being done at soul-level while we are sleeping. In this list of activities, there are many people who are dedicated to give this kind of assistance, to help those who have just died to transition, simply explaining, accompanying or giving support, but in this case, without the conscious mind account of it, and when the person wakes up in the morning, usually does not remember anything of what happened, or have vague memories of dreams that don’t know how to interpret.

In both cases, the work done is impressive and very necessary, there are legions of beings helping in these areas where these catastrophes happen (surely, there are also in hospitals and places like that) and it is an experience of incalculable value. If physical assistance to all those affected by something is important, astral assistance to those who have left the body is even more so, and despite being something little known and often not well understood, it is still a learning process for those who do it, as well as an aid to those who receive it.