clip_image002In many sessions of cleansing and healing, by reading the energetic system of the person we find out that the person has one or several entities that we call “negative” attached to his aura or subtle bodies. Why do these entities attach to us? What are they? How do they affect us?

There is no much mystery in this, state it in simple words: our energetic system is no other thing than “food” for these entities.

“Negative” entities from the etheric, astral and mental plane of the planet.

Those entities that evolve by what we called the negative polarity and that subsist on emotions and mental forms of these characteristics need to “connect” themselves to something or someone if they want to “stay alive” (so to speak). They find this “food” principally in the energetic field we all emit, and that provides the perfect sustenance for one or several entities to try to use it. What they do, once attached, is to generate artificially a certain type of negative emotions in the person that produces this energy from which they will feed themselves.

None of these entities, whatever its type, is allowed to attach to us if we do not give them permission to, so being conscious of this we can prevent, at any time, that they may plug to our aura, but evidently this is not so common, and we find out that we have one, two or five entities without knowing how or why have we let these entities to attach to us, because sometimes those permissions have been given in other incarnations, they use generic permissions present in the collective unconscious of the humanity, we have been tricked to unconsciously give them permission to, etc.

Permissions while sleeping

There are many ways in which these entities try to trick ourselves so we can let them to hook, among these ways, they can fake to be what they are not: guides, spiritual masters, angels, light beings, etc. They can get in contact with us especially while we are sleeping, when our soul wanders freely and “socializes” with other entities and beings that meets in those planes. The simple act of establishing a conversation with any entity that appears “interesting” and that offers us anything in exchange of that we, later, let them to “take” a little of energy from the physical body, happens more than usual. That is why we can not understand how a negative entity has got hooked in our field and that’s because most of the time this occurs while we are sleeping.

Something in exchange

However this attachment is not free. Normally, they always offer us something in exchange. It is very curious because when we ask what have we received in exchange or what has been offered to us to let them hook, things very deep appear like eternal love, tenderness, physical safety, etc. That is to say, we ask for things that everybody seem to lack in the physical plane, or at least, that do not correspond to how we believe they were before we incarnate. At least, in a reading this gives us an indication of one of the deepest desires of the soul that do not have to match what the logical mind wants when we are not sleeping.

Preventing attachments

There are places where it is easier for the entities to notice us and try to attach to us later, there is no better place to find “food” than in a convention or congress, concert, discoteque, football field, and other places where there are a massive concentration of people, etc. Those who are conscious of this cleanse these places before these types of events, but I imagine not everybody is aware of this and many of us go back home with an entity stalking us which later would try to get the permission to attach to us.