Have you realized that we all have a friend or acquaintance who, according to the theme you play or according to what you say, reacts in an exaggerated way or as if life were in it? Sometimes it happens with topics as simple as talking about football, sometimes talking about politics, religion, events, etc. And it seems that you have pressed some buttons and suddenly have put in place certain responses or automatic personality behaviors.

We are all machines

Gurdjieff, a Russian mystic of the last century, constantly said that we are all machines, and Ronald Hubbart described it as the reactive mind in his “science” of Dianetics. All human beings are programmed in thousands of ways to run automatic programs without realizing it. And it’s true. They are in our subconscious, or in parts of our minds that in many cases we fail to consciously control. These programs are reactions, behavior patterns, attitudes, etc., that seem to come by default, in the DNA, and in the mental spheres along with the physical body that we put in the incarnation.

It is true that the development of the soul’s potential, which in symbiosis with the mind forms the being that we are in terms of character and personality, can disconnect or reduce the number of automatic programs that trigger in us when external circumstances detonate them. Sometimes it is enough to tell us something that for us is a sensitive issue, so that we jump like tigers to hunt our prey, sometimes it is enough that any situation happens so that we react to the defensive, making us the victim, worrying, depressing, screaming, hiding, etc. In part they can be ego/personality defense mechanisms, in part they are automatic defenses that we carry unconsciously programmed inside and that leave without us taking the time to analyze what is happening to us.

Stop being a machine

The only way to take full control of the physical body, mind and emotional responses is to be attentive to how we react and what kind of emotions and behaviors are unleashed in different situations. For example, if the XX event makes you feel the YY, and it’s always the same for any similar event, that’s an automatic response programmed in you. If that emotion YY that the event XX has generated you provoke a ZZ behavior, and always the same, that behavior is programmed in the same way, to always “jump” when the appropriate buttons are pressed.

When your conscious mind manages to realize and analyze what happened, then it has the control and the possibility to start the deprogramming, to call it in some way, which is that, when the event XX or a similar one happens again, does not generate in you the emotion or feeling YY, and don’t make you jump the behavior or reaction ZZ accordingly. This causes a rearrangement of the internal connections of the mind, the structures where the instructions of the internal machine are encoded, and these, thereafter, are weakened, and end up “disconnecting”.

By pressing our internal buttons

Think that the control system in which we live uses this programming constantly to make us react in a certain way, often the pure and simple subliminal messages that we receive mark this programming and accentuate it, without realizing it. The use of a certain type of language uncovers certain emotional connections that provoke a type of reaction or other, the use of specific images, sounds, etc.

The way to stop it is to constantly analyze our behaviors, why do I feel like this and how am I reacting to feel this way? What is being uncovered or activated in me? It is true that many people only by their own presence or way of speaking and behaving already activate lots of programs in us, and make us a mirror, but the key remains the same, be aware at all times that the biological body we inhabit is similar to a robot, which has its instructions and its characteristics, and that the consciousness that we are and that goes “inside” is the one that must carry the controls and block automatic responses, that in many cases, do not make sense.