Sometimes I get surprised when I find repetitive patterns in many consecutive healings and energy readings. When this happens, I’ve got the intuition it’s something important I gotta write about it, resulting in the right people coming by with the information I need. And it looks like it is really so because, for some reason, when I write about it some of these things cease to appear, and some others begin to show up. That’s the case of this post and it’s related to the lessons in this life, what we came to learn here.

In each of the general energy readings I do, I search data about “studies planning” for this person’s incarnation, who I’m inquiring about. What was curious last week, either as a primary or secondary lesson, “Balance” showed up in 90% of the cases, in one or more areas of the person who I was reading for.

The game of polarities

Due to the mental and energetic limitations that we possess our universe is perceived as dual, therefore everything that exists must be matched with. Unfortunately, the main polarity of our race and the planet’s situation is rooted in “negativity”, as per the control system and the group of races ruling it.

On our planet It’s clear that negativity and the “dark side” (to utilize a Star Wars’ expression) try to impose themselves, and, in contrast, there is the side of “light” fiercely combats it. The more “lightworkers” there are, the more “darkworkers” the main races in control bring in and vice versa. Therefore, the issue of balance is repeatedly coming again as a “weapon” for those who seek to stop this accumulation of negative situations that are experienced in the planet.

The only way to eliminate negativity is getting rid of all of it within every single particle of our structure and our planet, but since that isn’t possible, since the energy and structure of Creation is based on these three energies (positive, negative and neutral) and there are “negative” charged monads all around, the only way to achieve an environment in which one can live happily is by achieving a balance between both extremes, so that both do exist but cancel or counteract each other.

Fear of disappearing

Entities from the negative polarity fear to vanish -which means the balance is restored- and, on the other hand, it’s also the natural state of things. On a personal level, when a person gets the indication “balance” is his/her lesson in this life, it’s about learning to escape from both extremes, to search and locate in the center, the equilibrium and harmony point between different options of each situation that life can present to them.

Being radical towards one of the polarities creates inevitably a radical on the other side, because life as a whole must be always in harmony, even if it’s as the addition of all polarities at different levels. Our tendency as human beings is to do quite the opposite, that’s why it is a lesson and a learning.

When we see an injustice we want to fight against it, we want to correct it or do whatever it takes so that it does not happen again. One of the ways to do this on a personal level, each one in your life, is to try to find that middle point of balance so that none of the polarities at their extremes will manifest. Being in balance “now” we avoid future situations decanted to one side or another, although we still have to deal with the repercussions of the situations that we have created outside the equilibrium point.

Although this isn’t easy to do, it seems easy to understand, that’s why it shows up in so many people as a lesson and learning along these “troubled times”.

My advice to all of those who I’ve got to explain this is an important lesson in their lives, is to try and find that space in which both polarities are balanced, satisfied and hence in harmony, being in their personal life, professional career, family relationships or anywhere. Because, as per our Higher-Self, only Balance can get us out of the state of chaos we dumped the world, and for that everyone should begin and restore its own.