The Mental Plane is, for all of us, one of the next levels of “play” after the physical death of the body, where, partially outside of the space-time constraints, and depending on our “evolutionary state”, we will spend “time” in this level before finally we head to another “adventure” in the physical plane.

The mental is divided into several bands, the first of them, the low mental, in which we find, mainly, many negative polarity entities about which we all have heard, and other different structures that sustain non physical life in the planet. In different subdivisions of this first band we could also find the people who recently died that are still maintaining very strong ties with their ended physical existence, and many other types of entities. What interests us today is what we might call the middle band of the mental plane (which is nothing other than a frequency plane within this structure) where we used to find what we call the belief systems, as nowadays they do not have so much power as in the past. Let’s explain it.

Heaven, Hell and alternative versions

The belief system is a frequency level in which all those ideas about “life after death” that people have accumulated. It is like a collective unconscious, on a mental level, divided into multiple bands separated simply by a basic frequency that distinguishes them from one another. These belief systems are nothing other than the projection of what large groups of people on earth strongly believe, for example, the different heavens and hells and all the versions of each one of the existing religions and beliefs. In this band of the mental plane we find the energy representation of heaven and hell of the Catholics, the pagan gods of the Greeks and other cultures, the councils of sages and teachers of the New Age, the goddesses of Wicca, etc.

Each one to its version

If a person dies with certain beliefs about what he or she will find after his/her death, the basic resonance frequency of his/her soul and mental body shall keep the idea as the main “resonant mental form” once the body is abandoned. As in our physical density, the phrase “like attracts like”, is correct, in the mental plane this is much more true and instantaneous, because the “energy” that we emit has no obstacles to manifest itself in the moment that our “thought” (mental body) recovers the beliefs we have about what’s waiting for us on the other side.

So, what happens to us is that after leaving the body and passing the first bands of the etheric plane we are attracted by the frequency that resonates like us, which could be nothing other than the belief system we had in life. As a magnet at full power, a fervent Catholic will suddenly be seen in his version of Heaven, with Angels, Saints and what he considers part of his beliefs, the same will happen to a Hindu, Muslim or by a fervent New Age practitioner, who will be faced by its council of ascended sages or teachers or whatever that belief system has generated in the people who adhere to it.

A learning period

Robert Monroe wrote on one of his books how, in many of his astral projections, he had dedicated himself to recovering and helping souls who had just left the physical body to meet with their Higher Self, but, as they increased their frequencies and tried to quickly pass through the energetic bands that surround the physical plane, towards the planes where the Higher Self and guides of the person were, these souls literally disappeared without a trace when arriving at the system of beliefs to which they belonged in physical life. The reason is because these souls adhered to certain belief systems, they would have to remain some time in this band until they realized that those beliefs were actually acquired in the physical life, and then, after this “learning”, in that moment when this soul realizes that what was really perceived was simply an artificial projection, there was a “click” and the soul disappeared from this frequency band to go up to the last levels of the mental plane where the “meeting” moment with the Higher Self/guides was “expected” and took place.

A Whole process

Not everyone will be attracted to these frequency bands of the belief system, and many people most likely after physical death quickly leave the inferior bands of the etheric plane and transition directly towards the higher mental, but a large number of people on this planet did stay on the frequency bands of the belief system in the past, when in other historical periods of humanity religions had a strong pull for the simple fact that there are millions of people engaged in religions of all kinds that will maintain these beliefs once deceased.

The rest is a purely energetic matter in which our basic frequency of vibration will take us to the plane that resonates with that frequency, and only after learning that all that is only the mental projection created by millions of people who believe the same, a vibration change will be produced that will allow that soul to resonate with a higher plane, which it immediately accesses. It’s quite a process, and time is not an important factor to take into account, but it is part of the road’s dimensional system that leads us back to where we come from.