It is quite curious as in recent years the surge of people interested in their personal and/or spiritual development is being increased by hundreds daily.

There are many explanations for this, of course, being the most common, accepted and valid at the end of the period of 26,000 years (or 12,000 according to other cycles) that ends in the 2012, which is said to have completed a full rotation of our solar system around the center of the galaxy and in which we have entered fully into a band of our Milky Way (in which we are already), which is making vibrate faster our energy frequency and the Earth.

The base frequency of the Earth –so called frequency of Schumann resonance- has been always of 7.8 Hz, whereas in 1998 it reached the 10Hz, and it’s been up and down in some areas of the planet between 9-10Hz since then and for the 2012 the planet is expected to reach almost the 13Hz.

What’s going on?

The consequences that this end of cycle seems to be bringing are due to the increase of the frequency in the environment in which we move at spatial level, the changes in the Sun that is affected by this increase and new energies, and the impact transmitted to all the Solar System by the same, with the consequent alteration of the energy structure that this produces on our planet. These changes are reflected in the form of lower rotation speed, reduction of the magnetic field in the Earth, and the possibility of alterations in the magnetic poles, as well as the elevation of the frequencies of our bodies, and of our atomic structure and energy, since the increase in the frequency of our planet is transmitted to us through all our subtle bodies.

All of this is providing a wake-up to many people and a gradual, slow, paradigm shift. When that frequency increase comes to us through the system of chakras and our subtle bodies, it is transmitted by modifying the molecular structure, so that all the cells vibrate a little faster than they have been doing before.

See to believe vs Believe to see

So far, the vast majority of people live under the premise “if I do not see it, I do not believe it”, and everything that does not come through our five senses, in many cases, is not valid. Our mind, the software that controls and processes what we perceive as real, is stuck in a paradigm of self-censorship, not wanting to accept everything that, even existing, is not within the reach of any of the sensors we possess.

However, the “New Age” (albeit a somewhat marketized concept) has to bring with us a new way of seeing the world. In it, to be able to “see“, we have to “believe“. Do you want to see the aura physically? You have to believe in it. Do You want to see the synchronicities and realities that are manifested only by the fact that your thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and that is what attracts you? You have to believe in it. Do you want to develop your psychic abilities and the intuitive potentials of the mind? You have to believe in them. And a long etc. We may be seeing the beginning of the “end” of the reign of the senses, with a little luck the end of the unique dominance of the logical and rational left hemisphere, and the beginning of the right hemisphere awakening, intuitive, creative and its synchronization with the left for a fuller view of the world and a vision in balance of reality.

Discover a new reality

Allowing “believing” before “seeing” will begin to put in motion many things that the senses will not “notice”, but are as real as the others, and you must believe in them so that your mind can process and become part of your reality. There is no other way to manifest your world and understand it, if, in many cases, you don’t believe in things first, before you can, finally, “see them”.

The frequency change in which we are immersed brings us closer to more subtle realities in which it is easier to work with energy, and to perceive it, and manipulate it and feel it as something as real as we feel a stone in our heads. But for this we must abandon the tyranny of thinking that only that which we can perceive through the five senses is that which is real, and to give way to everything that even if we cannot process it with the senses, it is also there.

Miracles happen when we play “I believe then I see“. Do you want miracles in your life? Believe in them. Do you want to live in a happy and blissful life? Believe in it, and start thinking you’ve got it. The rest will come alone, and the pieces will slowly fit into your place, don’t you believe? Then you probably won’t see it.