Here you can find all the books I have published so far translated into English from their original Spanish version, to deepen and better understand the topics we discuss in the blog and expand your knowledge about the different aspects of “the world we don’t see”.

5 steps to discovering your life’s purpose  (and turning it into your dream career)

Have you ever wondered why we came to this world? If you have not done it yet, this may be a good time. There are thousands of desperate people trying to make sense of their lives, trying to find out the purpose of being born in one place or another, and wondering how they could feel useful in life being as they are. It is not that simple to give a straightforward answer to such a complex question, but essentially, it involves asking yourself the following question: “Why did I come here for?”. And one way to discover our main contribution to humankind is by evaluating the things we came here for.

The key to success lies in our true passion, your talents and abilities, your values and your dreams and intuitions. As you will see in this book, the answer has nothing to do with any fears of failure or economic concerns. There exists a purpose for each of us that fit us best, one which perfectly matches our skills and can make us feel happy and fulfilled by the sense of being improving and contributing to the world -or, at least, to our personal growth as individuals.

But what can we do to make our activities become our life’s mission out of our passion and a reflection of our values and purpose? How can we find out our real strengths? It often happens that people are aware of their talents and potentials, but it never occurred to them that they could make a living out of it and make it become their life’s mission.If you are definitely thinking that your current situation does not satisfy you 100%, that you are tired of feeling overwhelmed, that this situation needs to be changed… bingo! You have just taken the most important step: making the decision that you cannot spend 8, 9 or 12 hours a day in a job (no matter the reasons why you got there) that stopped long time ago being the place where you wished to spend the rest of your life. If the spark has already occurred, this new undertaking of discovering the path to our life’ s purpose gets off to a good start, and it will certainly lead us to the best job in the world. Grab the book, start the process and make it real.

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