Breaking the Experience Cycle


We all have and we go through dozens of cycles in which it seems that the same experience is repeated over and over again, with different actors and in different scenarios, but with the same background “theme”. These cycles appear in all areas of our lives, from relational situations with people of the same style, to work experiences that seem to be always the same as well as changes in situations in life in which suspiciously everything seems that have been lived already again before. These cycles are nothing more than the result of experiences that we continue to attract and manifest because we do not consciously realize the message, lesson or learning that implicitly comes with and wants to be showed.

Generating the Cycle

The reason why we find ourselves involved in this type of situations that seem to repeat itself again and again is the need to break some internal barrier, to overcome some fear or assimilate some facet of ours that we do not want to assimilate or integrate. It is ourselves who, unconsciously most of the time, get into the same type of situation again and again because our inner being is pushing us towards what we have pending or what we need to resolve. The way to attract these situations has no mystery, being our internal reality the cause of our external reality, there is no more than “emitting” a certain vibration and patterns through the mental body so that the universal maxim of “equals attract” is executed with all its intensity adn reality is formed. Everything depends on what at the level of “soul” and subconsciously we are trying to solve, learn or unblock, because once this unlocking or learning the lesson that the cycle brings with it is completed, there is no reason for it to keep repeating.

Breaking the Cycle

The way to break an experiential cycle is to understand it, to realize what is the reason and the common pattern that have all those situations by very disparate and different that they may seem to us. The reasons are not of the type “all my couples are brunettes and black eyes”, but rather “all my couples make me feel in such a way”, or “All jobs end up demanding you do such a thing.” It’s about understanding what that cycle of situations wants us to see and learn, because after having “seen” it and learnt it, it completes automatically. The fact of incorporating the purpose of each of these cycles into our conscious mind gives it a thumbs up, and it “tunes” us to a new frequency in which we stop attracting and generating this type of situation, to move, if necessary, to another that brings us back a personal growth and makes us take a step forward in our evolutionary path.

We simply need observational skills, put aside the role of victim and consider what is the common denominator of any cycle you’re going through. We are involved into it for whatever reason we need to see ourselves involved, therefore use your power of observation and ability to understand why we are in that cycle, how easier is to get out of it, how to reinforce yourself with what you have learned and how to be more prepared to move  to the following cycle, if we are going to.

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