What exactly is a chakra? For someone who has never studied them, perhaps all this seems confusing. The chakras are points of energetic transformation, vortices, places in the energetic system of our body in which converge an important series of channels through which the vital force of our being and of our surroundings is distributed towards the rest of our physical and etheric components. These centers are visualized in the form of whirlpools and are responsible for the electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body and that is composed of successive layers of energy that vibrate at increasingly higher frequencies.

Each of these layers of our “aura” is related to one of the chakras. It is like inside of us we had 7 lamps lit along our body, each of which gives a light of a different tone that diffuses around us, in 7 different layers, one covering the other. Each of the chakras has a front and a back, minus the first and seventh, and all of them are linked by a central energy channel and two adjacent channels that meander to each other, which run along and on sides of all the spine through which they communicate and transfer the vital energy from one point to the other.

Specific functionalities

In addition, each chakra is associated with a type of function and has specific qualities associated with it. Why do we say that a chakra is assigned to love, to communication, to willpower, or to another type of energy? Because each of them vibrates at a certain frequency, and that frequency corresponds to several different things, hence the correspondences that we see in all the books and websites that tells us about it. Thus, the heart chakra vibrates, and processes, the same frequency as the universal energy of love, and its associated archetypes, or as close as possible to it, just as vibrate stones like rose quartz or some sounds and mantras. Hence, when we want to activate the heart chakra it is very useful to use those other elements that have a similar resonance frequency like the corresponding colors, the minerals or the music.

Chakras in harmony

When the chakras are working well, they behave like “whirlpools”, that is, they are rotating and moving the type of energy to which they are associated in perfect harmony throughout our body. When some chakras are partially closed, they “spin” at a lower speed, or are partially blocked, which is the same as saying that the energy associated with them does not flow through our physical, energetic system and the subtle bodies.

The blockages of the chakras are each associated with their own function, it being evident that, for example, the repression of feelings is a blockage in the heart chakra, communication problems are blockages in the throat chakra, etc. Although we usually work in a therapy in general with the 7 primary chakras of the body and several secondary chakras, there are extra physical chakras above our head that are equally important, since they have functions assigned and associated with the superior bodies and functions of the human being, although are not activated or functional in most people.

Guarantee for survival

We must also say that without the chakras our physical body could not exist as such, being pure energy vibrating at a certain level and frequency, we need components that regulate this energy that are capable of absorbing prana from the Earth through the base chakra and from the “universe” (as a general concept) through the crown chakra.

Remember when we talked about the “sucking energy vampires” in the post Give and Absorb energy. These beings probably have these channels completely closed and can only absorb the vital energy that we all need by stealing it from other people’s auras and systems through other intermediate chakras when both auras come together. But that does not have to be that way, because we all have the possibility and the tools in ourselves to connect with the infinite source of energy that exists in the universe.

In a person, when the functioning of the chakras is normal, each of them will be open, turning clockwise to metabolize the particular energies that it needs from the universal energy field (energy that is also called Chi or prana). When the chakra turns counterclockwise, the current flows from the center outwards which interferes with the metabolism and these energies are not processed, this is when the chakra is said to be closed or blocked to the energies that arrive.

Keeping our chakras open, healthy, in balance, is a job that requires constant attention, but vital at times, for our complete well-being. Through massages, meditations, energetic healings, the use of minerals, colors or music, we can keep our energy system in harmony, and with it, our life at full capacity.