Probably all of you have had to attend more than one meeting where “sparks” were flying among the attendees, there were angry discussions, anger, nerves, tension or just constant attack among people in the room. Perhaps you have also given courses, talks, presentations, etc, where the public was not at all attentive, made noise, did not behave as politely as they should, or simply did not pay attention to you. If your answer is affirmative, perhaps the next “trick” we’ll explain may be of great help for next time you see yourself in this situation.

Soothing encouragement in meetings

When people speak from our personality at full power, discharging our frustrations, fears, problems, anger, irritations and others to the rest of the world, instead of speaking from our inner voice, soul-perspective and “calm” and higher consciousness, we inevitably have chaos assured, and many conflicts, of low or medium intensity, are always generated in all kinds of companies and situations due to these causes. The “formula” to keep a meeting under control so that people do not use it to project other things that have nothing to do with it, is to work with their Higher Self and with the visualization of an energetic connection between all participants that smooths the atmosphere.

It is very simple. Before you begin or when you are beginning, make a request to all attendees’ Higher Selves to help you keep the “personality” of each of them “under control” within normal limits of good communication and relationship. Next, visualize a ball of golden energy (like that of the nightclubs) on the ceiling of the room, in the middle of all of you, and a ray of golden light connecting everyone to the ball. This has the effect of acting as a “filter”, as all energies that “emanate” from the person, will be filtered by the golden energy before being transmitted to the rest of people in the room.

Giving courses, training, speaking in public

Those of us who have to speak regularly in public, to give our courses, lectures, or whatever, know how important the audience is to our event success. If we want to keep the attention of the whole group in us, what we are going to do is use the same ball of golden energy in the middle of the room, but this time connecting you to each of the attendees, so that your energy passes through this ball and then reaches everyone at the highest levels of his being. This way you will not only help to create a sense of connection between you and your audience, but also your words will be reinforced by this golden energy passage.

So here are a couple more tools for your day-to-day activities, things we can do only with intention, visualization and creativity are endless, and their amazing effects. Let me how it went at your next event.