Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen, human food sources


Those of you who have read and studied Gurdjieff, through their own writings or through P.D Ouspensky, have done yourselves bruises and consumed neurons (at least that was my case) to understand all his teachings regarding the different food sources required by the Human, and its coding into three basic components that it called carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.

Over the years with the passing of the years and after having re-read it several times, I now understand what it meant and why those teachings are so important in our day to day life. Those of you who already know what this is all about, you can skip the article, to the rest, I’ll explain what I mean.

Physical food, air and impressions

The human body, Gurdjieff said, needs three main things in order to function properly. The first thing is the physical food, the food as it is, what enters through the mouth and ends up in the stomach. Nothing to explain here. I call this type of food Gurdjieff “Carbon”.

The next thing is air of course, prana, chi, what enters through the nose and is processed in the lungs. This was called Oxygen, and of course it is also quite obvious.

To the third component Gurdjieff call it “impressions”. It is nothing other than the different energies that the non-physical system of the human being receives, from emotions and feelings to ideas, beliefs, thoughts, etheric flows of the environment, energies of the planet, energies of the universe, etc. Gurdjieff called the set of “impressions” “Nitrogen”.

How does the organic vehicle we own work then?

The mixture of these three units, Carbon (C), Oxygen (O) and Nitrogen (N) depending on how they mix between them, and depending on what Gurdjieff called “shocks”, I mean, inflection points, pressure points, points where they are modified, where they come together or are separated or mixed, the final energy that is the one that makes the physical organism that we use as an evolutionary vehicle works is produced. Thus, to the mixture of these three units, Gurdjieff called it Hydrogen (H).

A hydrogen of all kinds

However, this hydrogen, this energy resulting from the mixture of the different forms of nourishment that we humans beings have, has many levels of purity, many levels of quality. As well as it’s not the same to use 95-octane gasoline than 98-octane gasoline, or diesel, or airplane fuel, similarly the combination of these three energies may mean that a person is nourishing himself with high-quality hydrogen or with poor-quality hydrogen since the fuel required to the human body does not depend only in what it eats or in the type of food you carry but in the right mix of the three factors that produce the final energy that our “car” needs.

For example, an adequate food (carbon), a clean and a healthy air (oxygen), and an energy-positive environment (nitrogen), produce a very high-quality energy (hydrogen) of a very high octane, so that the human body then has an impressive potential to develop because it has the right gas for it.

From here all possible combinations give us all kind of energies that we can generate ourselves (hydrogen). For example, eating very “healthy” (whatever your definition of healthy be) living on a big city and breathing a polluted air, as well as living on an environment of stress and being immersed all day in negative emotions and harmful thoughts produces a high quality carbon, poor quality oxygen and an awful nitrogen. The result is a hydrogen that hardly gives to keep the human body functioning.

On the other hand, having a regular healthy eating, breathing a more or less clean air and living in a positive environment with an optimistic view of life, with joy, etc., produces an acceptable carbon, good oxygen and excellent nitrogen making the resulting hydrogen very good quality. The health of this last person will be a thousand times better than the health of the previous example because your physical vehicle will be nourished by a hydrogen of a much higher octane.

The great manipulation of hydrogen

Knowing this, it is really easy to understand that all this can be caused by our “elites” and various shadow governments to keep human beings in mediocre state.

When you want the “hydrogen” produced by humanity to be the worst possible quality, you must act simultaneously on all the elements that composed it. For the first component, carbon, the action here is very obvious, it acts on physical food. Nothing you don’t already know.

The second step is to act on the air, reducing the quality of the “oxygen”, hence the big cities are a cluster of terrible pollution. All this is physical, it is easy to generate and manipulate so it doesn’t take much trouble to maintain a breathable atmosphere but far from being “healthy”.

On the contrary, nitrogen, it’s much more harder for them to handle it as it is a compendium of energies that has the potential to nullify the negative effects of carbon and oxygen.That is, if you feed regularly bad and if the air you breathe is flawed and semi-polluted, but your energy environment is healthy and positive, your hydrogen has enough quality to give you a good fuel for your day to day.

Manipulating the emotions and the energetic environment

To act on nitrogen you have to act on many fronts because you have to keep the human body constantly at a very low frequency. Here come the wonderful inventions as television, mobile telephony, wi-fi, etc. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very useful, I’m the first one who’s all day working with a computer, I just tell you how nitrogen is manipulated to reduce the octane of our hydrogen. Everything that is broadcasting on television and the media in general, EVERYTHING, whether news or entertainment programs, comes from a screen that broadcasts a frequency of about 60Hz that semi-hypnotizes us, opening the way to the negative emotions associated with fear, helplessness and concern that then contain these programs and newspapers. Basically there is nothing that comes from the TV that can raise your resonance frequency, no matter how much love it comes out in the films you watch because it is being modulated by another type of frequency becomes a quality nitrogen. Anyway, the TV says anything about our environment, because most people live stressed by their work, their mortgage, their problems, their crises, their various pains, their illnesses, their unfulfilled dreams, and so on. Poor quality nitrogen mixed with regular oxygen and carbon, gives place to a hydrogen that really keep us “alive”, but only the necessary to do so that physical functions are more or less in place but without allowing the internal development of the person because there is usually not enough energy to be able to work or to awaken other functions and parts of being that remain “asleep” since they need energy of greater power and quality to be able to be awakened.

So, within the possibilities of each one, we should look at increasing the quality of our carbon, our oxygen and especially our nitrogen so that the hydrogen produced is not just cheap gasoline, but really fuel for rockets, and from there, to change each other’s personal world, there is but one step.

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