David Topí

The process of physical manifestation of events and the role of non-physical levels


To understand how some people can predict certain events before they happen, we have to understand how the mechanism of manifestation works from their “energetic” creation to their “physical” realization.

Everything has an “earthly” origin

Whatever it take place on the physical plane, no matter if it happens at a micro scale at home, or at a macro scale on our continent, everything has an energetic root that is born from the thoughts and emotions of those who inhabit the physical plane, “the solid one”. Our ideas, our emotions and our feelings, they first generate … Read the rest

Influence of the collective unconscious in the transmutation of planetary energies


There is no day that passes by that we have no news of a new earthquake, hurricane, sinkhole, storms without control, flooding on one side, volcanoes on the other. The physical environment we inhabit is scrambled, perhaps in your area nothing exceptional happens at this time, but if you take a global look at all the Earth, following various means, it is not difficult to realize that natural activity has been in Crescendo, and will continue to happening, in the coming years.

The “energetic-spiritual” reason, calling it some way, is the transition from the … Read the rest

External Systems: bodies and layers of the energy system along the evolutionary path


Sometimes it is an odyssey to reconcile the terminologies of those sources that explain the components of the human being, especially when the same word is used to designate different things. It is not surprising that we are totally confused about what a book is talking about with regard to a term, when in another book with the same term is referring to something different.

Internal Systems vs. External Systems

In the course of Akashic healing when we study the energy system to explain the matter in relation to the energy blocks, we talk about … Read the rest

The veil of amnesia, forgetting the information of our other incarnations


Let’s talk about past lives or simultaneous lives, many people have asked what is the reason for the so-called “veil of amnesia” that makes us remember absolutely nothing of what we have been, lived, learned and experienced in these other incarnations. For those who believe that there is only one life, the explanation is simple because there are no memories of other lives. For those of us who believe in the evolution of the entity or the soul that we are, in this evolutionary course where we are, passing through dozens, hundreds of incarnations, the … Read the rest