David Topí

Effects of high vibration energies on dense bodies

Since the Solar System approximately 30 or 40 years ago during its journey along the Milky Way entered an area where the energies of “space” had another frequency and vibrational component, we have been talking about the planet entering the new evolutionary level.

Since then, the planet, vibrating in an environment that we have called reality 7,8Hz by the frequency of its base vibration, it has been modifying and re-calibrating itself with the influx of these energies or frequencies that hit the planet from the outside. The process has been gradual, is gradual and will … Read the rest

Reviewing the process of moving from one life to another vs. the passage between evolutionary levels


What happens when we die? The million-dollar question. According to your beliefs anything can happen: from simply “there is nothing else” and “there is just one life”, until a complex process of recycling, known as reincarnation, is produced (although everything is simultaneous, but it is impossible for the human brain to understand this process if it is not explained as something linear. Since I am one of those who believe in this second aspect, reincarnation, basically the idea is to try to “investigate” in the most understandable possible way what seems to occur from the … Read the rest

Main causes of energy, mood and psychological discomfort in present times

It is not hard to realize that, over the months and for several years now, more and more people are feeling “worse”, more unstable, more insecure, more out-of-balance, while many other feel much “better”, more mature, more energetic, more “awakened”. There are many reasons why this behaviour is more evident to us, many factors causing a change of consciousness, and the vibration frequency of all aboard this ship called Earth.

The Solar System is reaching a different vibration zone

The first factor is that the planet where we incarnated, as it travels along with the … Read the rest

Polarities in the evolutionary path and the density of choice


I have previously spoken in many articles of this blog, about the evolutionary paths, the duality and the polarities existing in this game of creation we live in and the permanent confrontation, from our point of view, between what we call “positive” and “negative”.

We will deal again with this subject from a slightly more metaphysical point of view, in order to understand that these labels are only terms from our perspective of the effect we see of both polarities, but that they have a reason to be far beyond being “good” or “bad”.

The Read the rest