David Topí

Conversations with my SUPRA-BEING (part II )

This is the second part of the transcript of a session where I was able to “talk” to me “in real time” in the search of knowing more deep the incarnative processes and origins of who we are. This second part I have hesitated for many days whether to publish it or not since we all have so many doubts Read the rest

Towards the formation of a social memory complex, and a visit to an ancient incarnation


Some time ago, I wrote about what it means to be part of a social memory complex on the next evolutionary level wich we call the fourthdensity, the new reality, the new matrix, etc. I was saying back then that: “It is called a social memory complex when a bunch of people, beings or entities form or create a single Read the rest

Internal vibration, external vibration and anchoring to timelines


Following the second part of the conference Anchoring 4D when we talked about the vibration frequency and timelines, different people asked me if due to changes in the resonance frequency of each over the length of the day, this meant that we oscillated in a few hours between several of those timelines and realities that co-exist on our planet.

If Read the rest

New energies are coming, use them consciously


Probably many of you have read about the planetary conjunctions that will occur in the coming days. Because of the movement of planets, stars and celestial bodies, certain positions and quadrature repeatedly give rise to energetic movements of high power which move waves of energy throughout the solar system and of course, they are felt and noticed on our planet Read the rest