David Topí

How many things are the “4D”?

As I don’t want to be tedious, many times I do not define terms that I use in the articles because I have written about them a thousand times and, at this point in the game, I thought I had explained well what I call the “fourth density”, but I see that you keep putting comments saying that the fourth Read the rest

A review of the state of the “new Earth” mesh and its connection to timelines

The process of frequency and energetic change to make the evolutionary and conscious jump, the passage to the “new Earth”, to the new evolutionary level, to the new “matrix”, follows, little by little, its path in all senses. As I mentioned in the conference, one of the most important points was the process of anchoring what we had called Read the rest

Energetic influence between timelines of physical events

As I mentioned a couple of articles ago, the fact that a person modifies their vibration frequency causes you to automatically get hooked from one of the timelines which are perceived at the moment as important on the planet and you anchor yourself to another. Although by the moment there are still five major lines of events, recently we Read the rest

A quick reference guide for elevated chakras

In the last regression session, in addition to what I told you in the last article about timelines, I was also asking about the energy structure that, initially, I would have on the next evolutionary level of which we are on our way. The answer was that the structure remains the same, chakras, subtle bodies, energy layers, etc., evidently Read the rest