I like to compare things, the knowledge I mean. When I find an idea from a source that explains something that I do not understand, I look for other sources that can give me an explanation of the same topic from another angle to get a different perspective. If my perception of the subject is broadened, my consciousness is broadened and my understanding is broadened. If I do not get it and all that I have are confronted ideas or opposed explanations, I have to work thoroughly to fully understand how two sources – a priori, trustworthy or without any suspicion of wanting to “misinform” deliberately – are giving contradictory messages for something that is supposed to be an objective fact or knowledge that would have to be perceived equally on both sides, or at least similar.

Trying to analyze the veracity or validity of messages

I usually receive lots of emails asking for my opinion about a specific thing, being, book, author or some source. I usually do not have another answer than to encourage them to judge by themselves the information and energy that it transmits. The topic is especially hot when we talk about subjective topics, channeled, or from sources outside of our planet.

The first thing that made me understand that, somehow, everything is correct, is that each entity that transmits its message to a human being, does it from its point of view, and then what we receive, the audience that read or hear, is the version filtered by the mind of who channeled those ideas. I have had enough experiences asking the same question – that I would think is quite clear and objective – to entities that we call guides from a certain places, plans, and hierarchies, that ended up with so many answers as the many times that you want to ask and beings that want to answer.

The fact is, as above, so below. If 100 people would go to a city that they have never seen, and on the way back they would be asked about how is the city, there would not be two equal answers. If instead of a city we use an idea and let those 100 people describe it, there would not be two explanations either. If we even put a material object, a car, in front of those 100 people, the 100 descriptions will not be the same.

If it is full here, you cannot imagine what is outside…

The problem with channeling is that there are millions of entities out there, of all vibratory colors, evolutionary levels, races, hierarchies, planetary systems, etc. Born of different solar logos, of different galactic logos, with different archetypal structures, with different evolutionary scales, and with different energy compositions. You will not receive the same description of the “car” of a being that does not have an emotional body, because his race does not use it, that of one that has it enhanced to the maximum. You will not receive the same description of the car of a hierarchy that serves the logos from which it was born, and therefore “does not evolve” because it has always been on the same evolutionary level, as one that has gone through multiple planes, densities or changes of consciousness.

I have received emails with channeled books with “the answers and the truth of everything” so they ask me to read them and correct my articles. I do not deny it. I am sure that those messages are the answers and the truth for the source that has transmitted them, and I have also nurtured myself from another source with another point of view.

So, since I started meditating and connecting with my guides, and especially since I am working with my colleagues in regression and I am being able to talk to many of their guides in real-time (each one of them has a different story, level, vibration, and origin), I am learning firsthand how each being perceived creation in a different way. And it is all RIGHT because everything is RELATIVE to the point of view of who transmitted the information, and most importantly, from who received it.


The level is marked by the receiver

This is extremely important, I can tell that our guides adapt their answers to the level of the one who is asking the questions, in this case, me. The first sessions were very simple compared to the conversations we have now. You may not notice it because I have been publishing fragments of those conversations in the articles for a short time, and when I hear the first sessions I can tell how little did I know or understand the topics they were talking about. Now, I am sure that in an upcoming future what I am asking now will seem “childish” to me and the conversations will level up in magnitude or depth. Well, if I draw my personal experience to the channeled books that I have read or received, usually what I do is to take apart all hints of rejection that does not resonate with me, because the information might come from the level of the person who is receiving it and therefore can be a very different level to the that reads it.

If that book is not updated, or if the person does not work on his o her personal growth with greater knowledge, awareness or understanding, the level of the channeling will not change and therefore we can find non-sense books or books that nobody understands. The source, as I said, is very important, because we can not know it’s level, and the receiver is also important because is who marks the level of information that is received.

Human disqualification as a global sport

But this article was not for explaining that thousand different sources will always give thousand different explanations (not contradictory, that is something else) and that it depends on the level of the receiver and its filters, but that we, humans, throw ourselves at each other’s necks trying to defend our point of view without understanding that the other person point of view is just as valid as ours. When we correct someone because we think they do not understand a concept or do not see the car the way we see it, we are losing something very valuable: the ability to see that there is no way to have the full vision of anything, neither in this evolutionary level and – as I see it- nor in any other superior levels, because there is always something else above in the structure of creation from which our most advanced guide only perceives glimpses.

In the end, everything is reduced and explained in the following Fable, which perfectly describes how I feel when someone asks me if it is true what is said in such book or what an entity says, or when I get into forums of discussion where everybody thinks that they have the point of view is the correct one.

The Holy White Elephant fable

It tells an ancient Hindu fable, that there were three very wise men, seekers of the “Holy White Elephant”, which was not simply a myth to them, but a true living copy of the highest Divinity, for He represented the “MORE EXALTED TRUTH”.

They were three insatiable pilgrims, embarking on the noblest exploration of the Universal Mysteries. Three old men, venerable, restless as children, and with a mind capable of encompassing the unexpected, the new, the transcendental. All three had a physical peculiarity they were blind by birth, but for them, that was no obstacle that prevented them from continuing their sacred quest, since as is known, it is the eyes many times that cloud and blind reality. – For the physical eyes, everything is appearances, but for the wise man who recognizes this, he looks with the eyes of the soul, with the eyes of intuition. When you look like this the appearances fade and the essence is bare, nothing is hidden in the eyes of the Soul. After searching several cities, exhausted arrived in a simple village where an elder villager kindly indicated where, as the ancient wise men of the town said, they could find him. They were already, certainly, very close, and with determination and firmness, swells of joy they entered into the jungle.

They walked throughout the morning and as they were blind they sharpened their other senses to the fullest. The evening fell and the three of them were exhausted, but they were still eager, enthusiastic, eagerly worthy of the true seekers, and at last, all three heard and even smelled the immanent presence of the Great and “Holy White Elephant”.

Deeply excited, and as if it were lightning, the three elders ran out to their mystical encounter, even the trees were moving away out of pity to see them coming! The time had come, the magical encounter between the sought and the seeker, between the deeply invoked and the response of a divine evocation, at the height of the tenacity and perseverance maintained for years, even lives… One of the elders clung tightly to the trunk of the elephant falling immediately into deep ecstasy, another with his arms fully open embraced with mighty strength to one of the pachyderm’s legs and, the third clung lovingly to one of His great ears, as the sacred elephant was placidly lying on some leaves. Each of them experimented, without a doubt, the endlessness of emotions, of experiences, of sensations, both internal and external, and when they had already been filled by the blessing of the Sacred Elephant, they left deeply transformed.

They returned to the village and in one of the huts, the three in the intimacy recounted and shared their experiences. But something strange began to happen, they began to raise their voices and even discuss the “Truth”. The one who experiments the elephant’s trunk said: the Truth (which was the representation of the Holy White Elephant) is long, rough and flexible; the blind old man who experimented with the elephant’s paw said: that is not the truth, the “Truth” is hard, medium, like a thick tree trunk; the third elder who experiments on the pachyderm’s ear, outraged by so many profanities, said: the “Truth” is fine, broad, and moves with the wind. All three, though wise and beautiful people, did not understand each other, did not comprehend each other and decided to leave on their own. Each one of them in a different path, traveled through many countries, doing what they wanted to do, and spreading their truth. They created three major religions and their expansion was fast.

This was possible because they touched the “TRUTH” and preached it honestly around the world from the heart. The three seekers had come to find the Divinity but did not perceive its breadth, but merely experienced a part, not the Whole, therefore, although sincere in their search and their service, they erred in their mental limitation.