Since the phenomenon of channeling has spread so much, many of the people who lend themselves to serving as a channel think that they can recognize the entities that speak through them simply because of their vibration or the sensation they produce without needing any other identification to be sure that they are channeling who they really believe they are channeling.

However, this is not always enough. Negative entities of an evolutionary level, similar to that of the positive entity to which it is intended to channel will present an energy frequency and vibration very similar to this one, with the added condition that they will be able to imitate to the positive entity as part of the “deception” process (be simply malicious for “fun”).

This deception is only part of the rudimentary procedure of all those entities whose evolutionary path is the service to oneself (=negative).

The entrance of the entity in the channel

When the person who channels feels that the entity wants to connect, the best is to mentally challenge this entity in the best way that is considered appropriate (everyone has their beliefs and their ways of dealing with the possible entities with they are connecting to). The channeler simply asks the entity or entities If they come in the name of any universal principle that the person considers “sacred” for itself (may be in the name of your Higher Self, of the universe, of the greater good, of the positive polarity, of a “god” of any religion, or angels or archangels, etc., etc.). The important thing is that there is an intention to block the channeling attempt if it is not verified that the entity is who it claims to be.

This is basically like putting an energetic barrier through which, a negative entity posing as what it is not, will have the same difficulty in passing through as it would be for us to pass through a concrete wall.

Taking advantage of any opportunity

Negative entities that perceive channelers too willing to let themselves be influenced by messages from beyond “(for the simple fact of saying that they are the ones channeling this or that, for fame, curiosity, ego, etc.)”, will be waiting for any omission of these “defenses” and will imitate the manners and the energetic signature of the positive entities to be accepted by the channel.

It is from here where the grandiloquent messages come, with references, dates and normally false information, with catastrophic prophecies, with flattery, with cryptic messages, with data that seem certain (don’t forget that these entities are usually more evolved than we are, and that they have simply chosen the negative polarity as an evolutionary path), so that the more impact they cause on the channel and with the message, the more damage they do and the more personal benefit they collect for their own development.

You just do not have to invite any entity for good, you have to learn to work energetically and to challenge them. Those of positive polarity that come to help, will have this well in mind, and will lend themselves to any check we make, those that do not, either leave the contact immediately or try to avoid this challenge. There are many things we can learn from those who have already gone, we just have to know how to choose well whom we choose as a teacher.