Colors and breathing


We all know how important it is to breathe properly, even though, in reality, we don’t pay attention to the process by which, literally, we are still alive. Breathe consciously, following one of the dozens of techniques and methods that exist for any practice (yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc.), is the key to achieve good results.

Breathing not only gives us oxygen, but also gives us “prana”, which is, in some way, the vital energy that keeps our energy systems running. A few deep breaths, made consciously, serve a lot to calm our nerves before a presentation or talk in public, and also to put us in a state of relaxation and mental calm after a day’s work. Breathing deep, filling the lungs to the fullest and then taking out as much air as you can, several times, cleans our respiratory system of stale air that accumulates, and that never comes out when we breathe superficially, and leaves us with a feeling of internal freshness that is really nice.

Breathing, whatever the technique may be, helps to control the body’s processes, to calm the mind, to empower concentration and to focus the mind, and, of course, it helps to relax us.

Breathing and visualization

Increasing the power of breathing is as easy as imagining that the air that enters to our body will fulfill one or another requested function. We can imagine (= visualize) that, when we breathe, all the fresh and clean air that comes in (forget about pollution at this time) moves throughout the body sweeping energy blockages, taking them out with each expiration. You can imagine that the air that enters when breathing is directed to a place where you feel pain, where you notice having energy blocks, where you have some discomfort. It’s just a matter of “ordering”, with the intention, to that energy that goes into each breath, to perform the action you want (to calm pain, to remove energy blocks, etc.).

Using color when breathing

The colors are therapeutic. Actually, they are so therapeutic that exist several forms of therapy based on the color and the influence it has on us. You all know the qualities of colors like red (aggressive, strong, dominant) or green (relaxing, quiet, etc). Use these properties of colors mixed with our breathing to allow us to get much more interesting and faster results than using just one individual technique. For example, if you feel emotionally charged, with your head about to explode, it seems that you are carrying a weight on top, that everything is thrown on your back and you have to carry your stories and those of others, if you have a horrible day, etc., this little exercise will help you enormously.

Breathe deeply, imagine that the air you breathe is green, hold your breath and send that green air all over your body, from head to toe, towards the earth (like a dam that pulls the air down from a container). Exhale the “green” air that carries all that emotional charge through the plant of your feet going out. With several breaths of this type you will feel better in a short time.

On the other hand, if you need to charge yourself quickly with energy, to make some extra effort, for something punctual, breathe and imagine the air “red”. Charge yourself with the energy of red, and distribute that force on your body. You will be able to make that extra effort temporarily, thanks to this contribution of “powerful” energy that is red in colour.

When you want to calm pain, help the body in its process of self healing and accelerate recovery of some wound, disease, etc., use violet. Fill with “violet” air, send it mentally to the area of ​​your body that needs help, and mentally “order” it to “cure” that area. This violet energy will accelerate and enhance the healing qualities of the body and will help you to heal more quickly.

And so with all the colors. In any case you can find out the properties of each one of them (surely in Google they appear fast) and combine them with breathing techniques to obtain a physical balance, mental and emotional completely balanced and in constant harmony.

After all, what matters is to feel the best possible at all times. Let’s give the breath the value it deserves and we will see the spectacular results we can get in return.

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