Complexity in choosing parameters before an incarnation


When a Higher Self prepares its incarnations, it does it simultaneously (all our “lives” at the same time), and all are usually generated at various levels, in which, some, are usually what we call “basic” incarnations, because as this Higher Self gathers more and more experience, his incarnations are more complex, to reach what would be the “final” incarnation, that it is nothing other than the last “life” of that Higher Self in a physical suit (co-existing simultaneously with other incarnations of the same Higher Self of lower evolutionary levels and consciousness.

Parameters to consider

Programming and preparing parameters for simultaneous lives entails so many details, that it’s not only not enough to choose a date of birth and a geographical place, but also to think about what are doing at that same time each of the simultaneous incarnations that are active, and the lessons they are learning, how they are “doing” it, and what kind of experiences they are providing to their Higher Self.

Since the first incarnations of a HIgher Self are focused on “knowing” the physical environment, the suit (human body) in which we enter, the “material” side of life, etc, initially it’s enough to schedule a place of entry, a propitious date, and the more or less suitable environment to simply gather “basic” experiences. As more and more incarnations are generated (more projections of the Higher Self are incarnating), each new life must add experiences that provide the oversoul and the Higher Self with more complex information and knowledge, in what we could call middle, advanced, very advanced, dominant, and to complete, the final incarnation.

More level, more complexity

The more evolutionary % that the Higher Self accumulates, the more difficult it becomes to evaluate “all that remains to be learned“, and to parameterize the following lives to achieve it. All lessons that all lives are experiencing must be checked (and can be hundreds at once), agreements that have to be accomplished with our primary group of souls (which will also be incarnating simultaneously and be managing their hundreds of lives at the same time), outstanding “debts” between them (“debts” is understood as pre-agreed teachings that they were not accomplished), new teachings that each one of our life actors should receive from us, as we receive from them, the work we are going to do on non-physical planes to complete that learning, and dozens more things.

It is not surprising we have a veil in our memory (due to the programming of mental spheres that limits our ability to remember and maintain connection with the rest of our incarnations) each time we incarnate, if we were to be born with full awareness of our life organization in relation to the rest of our existences, and of all that has been parameterized so that we can complete our “graduation” process, including management of our “multiple” realities and timelines in which we exist, we’d go crazy. I doubt that not even the best computer in the world is able to manage so many variables, and also to do it so well, with sense of humor and being also always available to give a hand to incarnations that, from here “down”, try to investigate how the hell all that is done, “up there”.

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