Constant mechanisms of personal transformation

When we initiate any type of relationship (social, personal, professional, etc.) we don’t usually think to our selves, at least generally, that many times we unconsciously seek for those that will provide us with the missing resources that are needed, and that can be obtained, in cooperation with the others, for our own growth, evolutionary paths or development in some aspect or area of life.

By design, human relationships seek to fill the gaps in the learnings that cannot be filled by being alone, so that, thanks to them, one obtains the experiences, from many different angles and sources in order to be able to complete the evolutionary processes in which we can be.

Everything serves everything

This is so by design, because service to others is a general pattern of the conscious energy of the universe, in which everything is perceived as part of everything, and there are no good or bad labels, positive or negative, in the basic blocks that form the substrate of it, but from that perspective, it is only understood and perceived that there are parts of that “Everything” that have different functions, and where each person fulfills a role that, consciously or unconsciously, always serves of help to another of the parties, in any of the three aspects that form the structures of life and reality (active-positive, passive-negative, and neutral-balancing). That is, from the elevated point of view of these evolutionary processes, the positive and the negative mutually help each other, and the neutral balances both, without value judgment associating good or bad labels to one or another polarity.

In most cases, we don’t realize that, for this reason, everything that exists and happens has a purpose of being, which is designed in planes and levels of consciousness beyond the earthly reality of our day to day. That purpose may be commensurate with a greater individual good, that is, that which takes part of the evolutionary plan of a single person, or can be commensurated with the greater global and collective good, being useful to millions of them, again, whether they are aware or not, and launched from levels far beyond the causes and analysis of the things that happen and of that we can do at the level of personality and material reality.

The necessary experience

For all evolutionary purposes, the aim of triggering forces and events that detonate experiences on the human plane is destined to a greater understanding of the evolution of all those who are part of the different hierarchies of conscious life in the Creation. Nothing can be acquired and learned if it is not through direct or semi-direct experience, and that is why if all kind of events are manifested in different scenarios, both individually and planetary, is to be used as catalysts of perpetual change, that everything that exists carries with it implicitly, and cannot, and should not, be stopped or retained.

The fact that life is change and transformation is precisely what defines the concept of life. Can you imagine an evolution that is static? An existence that does not transform itself in every minute? It doesn’t make sense, because that is not how the universal and cosmic processes, which endow of the necessary inertia so that everything is always in motion, are designed.

Detonating the fear of change

Curiously, if this is so, how is it possible that one of the greatest fears of the human being is the fear of change? This mechanism comes, again, by the problem that we discussed in the previous article of not being able to live in the now.

Those who live in the “now”, live with fluency the continuous transformation that the present represents, and only when our psyche management program (the ego) seeks to live in the future, that it doesn’t know neither cannot predict, the fear of what will come appears, for the unknown causes resistance to change, for fear, and that puts us on alert to try to stop it, generating all actions to block, as far as possible, that change, if it is perceived as potentially dangerous, disconcerting, uncertain, or simply, unpredictable. You already know as well the concept of the comfort zone, associated with the same theme.

Not being afraid of change

So, how to not be afraid of personal, social and even planetary changes? Understanding that nothing can never remain static, and that we live in a dynamic system of constant transformation, where the only thing that prevents to enjoy those changes are the thousands of fears associated with the ideas and mental forms that we generate about them. From an energetic point of view, all change and transformation is produced without any external force adding them any label or being positive or negative, and surely you are aware that something that one person sees as good, another sees as bad, and another more as terrible, and a fourth as wonderful, when in fact it is never one thing or another. Change is always neutral, since it is the third energy, the neutral one, which moves the opposites so that the necessary movements detonate each other for the cycles of life to continue functioning properly.

Since the cranks that turn the wheels of these constant transformations are encoded in the very essence of all and each one of the particles of everything that exists, the evolutionary transformation would have to be a natural state accepted by all of us, as part of the mechanisms that govern our existence, and, that is not so, it’s nothing more than just another indicator of the power of the management program of the psyche, and of our perception of reality, inserted and encoded in the human mind. As we said in the previous post, this will change when we get that our inner being and those other higher aspects of oneself, take the control of the vehicle that we use, as frequently as possible, so that we start to always see all change and transformation without labels of good or bad, simply just as it is, a natural process that allows the evolution and learning of all of us involved in this game of the expansion of life within Creation.

Translated from David Topi´s spanish version by Katia Moral. Follow her work via Facebook and Instagram.

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