Control System vs choice of our reality


If you have read my latest articles on the Control System of Our Reality and on the Levels of Reality you will notice there are a few “loose ends”. We mentioned the fact that, at “higher” levels”, “something” is manipulating and influencing the world where we live, as well as the common 3D reality where we exist. But we also said that it’s up to us to pick our own level of reality, so there are a couple of things that we need to discuss further, namely: how far does the control system reach? and, how much power do we have to pick our level of reality?

Natural Structures vs. Artificial Blockages

Again, we will refer to the sketch below. The frequency levels structure is something that happens by “nature”, it works this way by “design” of the evolutionary game in which we live, and it follows the rules of the planet where we exist; the Higher Selves incarnate in this game “board” along with other entities of different order. The limit on the levels of reality is determined by the frequency boundary in our 3D. If we happen to vibrate in the “higher” 3D levels, then we could “connect” (if possible) to another realm at its lowest level of reality (call it 4D, new “matrix”, new Earth, as it may).

Then, the control system would be something similar to an “energy membrane” surrounding all levels of reality, enveloping the planet.

This “matrix” where we live includes all possible realities, but the higher the level of vibration the harder it is to “control” us, in comparison with the lower levels. Nevertheless, we remain in its zone of influence. This control system manipulates and exerts inertia “forcing” us to tune in with the lowest levels of vibration, where it’s easier to “shepherd the sheep”

More questions

I am aware that the more we study this subject, the more questions arise: what is the control system exactly ? who or what exactly has created it? how? when? what are its inner workings? what’s its purpose? and most importantly, how do we escape from it? The answer to the latter question has to do with developing our connection to the Higher Self.

But, is this enough? There is a lot of information out there (and I read and read), and there’s also many people talking about this matter, but, like everything else, one has to do his own homework in order to understand things first hand.

More to come on this matter as I learn about it.

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