This is the second part of the transcript of a session where I was able to “talk” to me “in real time” in the search of knowing more deep the incarnative processes and origins of who we are. This second part I have hesitated for many days whether to publish it or not since we all have so many doubts and questions about the process of evolutionary change that we are suffering, which sometimes seems to me that it is better not to make guesses about what we are learning about this change until we really fully understand it and see more palpably the steps of this process. However, I suppose that when you get these explanations from levels of consciousness tremendously higher than ours, it is not for it to be kept, since they are precisely part of the process of gradually understanding this leap, so, finally, here’s the rest of the conversation that’s of general interest, to everyone, I hope.

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David: Are there projections from you in what I might call my future?

Being: Yes, time is simultaneous

D: Even in what we call the fourth density?

B: Yeah, when you level up, it starts a new wheel of the level you’re now on

D: A new evolutionary wheel for the life of third density do you mean?

B: Yes, the evolution of the second density will start a new wheel on the third, when humans have passed to the fourth

D: Okay, let’s say it’s as if nature, the animal kingdom or part of it, is repopulated on the planet with third-density life… and can we perceive it from the fourth to the third?

B: Not necessarily, you’ll see, they’re very far apart in terms of vibration

D: So, you perceive planet Earth while maintaining the third and fourth density at once?

B: That’s right, with the connotation I’ve given you before

D: How will or are your projections in the third density here, when we have passed to the fourth? How is the life of those projections that you have now after the passage?

B: Different from what they are now

D: More “prehistoric”? I don’t know what word to use

B: Yes, a new, more natural start, a complete beginning of the current evolutionary level brought about by the evolution of the lower level

D: But… the physical body that you occupy in that new wheel, is it still human?

B: Hominid

D: Okay, the hominids that are now at the end of the second density, will be the ones occupying the third…

B: Yes, but you will not perceive this new third density, you may only come to live temporarily during the period that lasts the [evolutionary level]

D: Do you live in the sense that those who do not pass with the ideal timeline, live with those who “go up” to the second?

B: Possibly, until they die when it is their turn

D: Okay… and then they pass directly into the fourth

B: Yes

D: Is there any incarnation or projection of you, any simultaneous life of mine in this year that I am in, that you think will not “pass the year”?

B: Not all my projections have the same evolutionary level, some are more advanced than others

D: Okay, buf… let’s imagine hypothetically that this other incarnation of yours, a simultaneous life of mine, was living next to me. How would that other person perceive my passage of density and his not?

B: He wouldn’t realize

D: Wouldn’t you see me disappearing from your life?

B: I would have gradually lost consciousness of you

D: But if you were a person that I related to now… wouldn’t you remember me? That I’m nowhere anymore?

B: Yes, in that sense he might think of you sometime, but you would already be someone very distant for him, you would no longer see each other. But he wouldn’t be aware that you’ve crossed over. It’s just the idea that he doesn’t see you anymore. He doesn’t know if you’ve moved to another city, if you’ve gone somewhere else, only that he’s lost touch…

D: Okay, you know why I’m telling you? Because on the planet, there are many people who think that maybe, part of their circle of friends and family, maybe they don’t go beyond…

B: It could be

D: And they wonder what will happen if I stop seeing a relative?

B: From our point of view, there are already relatives who never see each other

D: Yeah, well…

B: I’m trying to understand how that concerns you, since from our position it’s a natural thing to do. I’m trying to adapt my perception to your level and your emotional body.

D: I think I understand you because probably, as the process of density change advances, you will be with the people you need to be with and transcend, together

B: That’s right.

D: So, it’s normal, you’re not going to leave behind anyone you haven’t left behind years ago

B: That’s right.

D: I understand, it’s people you don’t see anymore or you’ve lost track of them…

B: Correct

D: Because they have a vibration or evolutionary level that no longer matches yours, they are in another timeline or whatever… therefore you will no longer miss them because in the next few years as people’s vibration frequencies increase they will naturally separate

B: That’s correct David

D: You’re not with anyone you don’t have to be with when you’re going through… well, that makes all the sense in the world, if I never stop seeing someone I’m not going to notice

B: That’s right, so it’s not trauma. And you guys always think about trauma

D: I know, it’s the fear that many people have of believing that someone close to them may follow another route than their own and that one day they will disappear as if by magic and will not know what has happened to them

B: That’s not how your change is going to be

D: Are groups being formed for this transition?

B: With those who resonate or vibrate in a similar way you will adapt your vibration to that of the new density, as you call it

D: I don’t know if this violates my free will, but can you see a range of dates or a period of passage in which the change starts to take place?

B: I am not aware of it, for me it is simultaneous, it has already happened

D: Okay… you don’t sense time… well

B: We don’t have that conception, I can’t or won’t give you that information

And finally, the conversation ended with other personal topics. For me, experience served to clearly notice and perceive the difference in energy, awareness and understanding that exists between our SUPRA-BEING, wherever we were born and the incarnation we are now. Although we are a part of the SUPRA-BEING, we are not the SUPRA-BEING as a whole. It was like connecting with someone who has such a broad and different vision of the cosmos from yours that efforts to adapt their responses to my mental and emotional processes made there many pauses between some questions and answers, as trying to understand why I ask something that doesn’t matter (at that level) and trying to see how I might worry about things as low as how this change in density is going to occur. Personally, I continue to work with my SUPRA-SER and my Higher Self, I am much clearer now about the roles and differences in energy and consciousness between the different parts of who I am, and it is still part of my own growth to better understand the evolutionary structure, degrees, hierarchies and levels that exist in the universe.