A personal and a particular experience, perhaps some things can be extrapolated to the connection that you all have with your SUPRA-BEING or perhaps others are too specific since each perceives or connects differently. Here is just my experience. Remember this scheme to understand what I’m being told:

David: … HS, I want to know where I came from… that’s why I want to connect with ”the being who created me”…

BEING: All right David

D: Are you what we call a… as I was told before? My Being belongs to a specific hierarchy, group, evolutionary level, as I was told on another occasion, through a guide, but it is not the case that I specify it. Were you born directly into that level or hierarchy or have you gone through different stages of growth?

B: No, I wasn’t born at this current level. I was born in another one that you call… [A hierarchy several levels below] and I have been growing as I learned, eons of time ago

D: Eons…

B: When you had not yet been created as the race you are now, long, long before

D: Had you already projected yourself into lower, dense planes, into other places or systems?

B: Yes, long before the existence of your planet

D: When you were born on that level did you start to project yourself directly into more physical planes?

B: No, I spent a lot of time learning in non-physical planes. I started projecting “lower” when I was a XXXXX… [Another hierarchical level above the first level where I was “born”]

D: How do you choose where to incarnate? Do you choose parameters or experiences where to project yourself?

B: I don’t choose it alone David, we choose it…

D: Do you choose it?

B: We work many beings together David, we choose the conscience and the level to which I belong among all of us and among all of us we decide where to project ourselves

D: But you have a semi-individuality, don’t you? Or is your consciousness fully integrated into the consciousness of all beings who share that evolutionary level?

B: I have an individuality, but it’s very small…

D: Does everyone in your group share a macro-awareness?S: Yes, we do

D: So, the name I have to address you, is it the vibration of your little slice of consciousness in the group? [Another time I received a name to connect with my Higher Self]

B: Right, that’s the phonetic translation for you of the vibration I have, nothing else

D: I understand, then, how you decided or chose to project yourself to the different places where you are incarnated and collecting experiences?

B: It was where the group felt it was needed. Everything is a source of experience. But not everyone in my group has projections, only those who wish or feel prepared to do so descend to the densest planes.

D: And the step of projecting yourself from more subtle planes to the planet Earth, why did it happen?

B: Just to gain experience, David, just for that

D: Is it like going down to a denser level that you haven’t been to “know”?

B: Yes, in several worlds

D: And what kind of experience am I giving you, like David… like the part of you that I am?

B: You’re giving me the experience of the density you are in

D: Not so much for the work I do but for where I am?

B: Yes, just by what you perceive, collect and learn through the body you use, I perceive, collect and experiment your interaction with other bodies, on that plane too

D: And do this helps you to evolve in some way?

B: Yes, it is experience that we collect for the consciousness group which is transmitted to the Source, to creation

D: For us, is our logo galactic? Is this galaxy your Source?

B: Yes, that’s where we come from, David, although we are also aware of the “one” [primary] source

D: Do you perceive the primary source?

B: We all have awareness and information about it, you too David, even if you have forgotten

D: You mean through you?

B: Inside you, you know, even though you don’t remember. Everything that is created, everything that is manifested, has a connection to Source One

D: Sure… and… at this moment, when you project yourself to the Earth, how do you do it? Is it simply a part of you coming down from your plane to this physical body?

B: It’s through your other incarnations on intermediate levels, not directly from the plane where I reside

D: Other parts of you on other evolutionary levels… [so you know what I mean, this has to do with the concept of “wandering”]

B: Yes

D: Is there any kind of materiality or “physical environment” from the intermediate level from where I “come down” here?

B: Practically very little, because everything is energy. The image you perceive of those other parts of you on those other levels is just a representation of how you are there or how you were

D: What do you mean? How I was?

B: Time does not exist David, you have been are being and will be all that I am on all levels where I am

D: Okay…buf… How many races, levels or places are you projected on at once?

B: In this galaxy? Several. In different places and bodies which give me different experiences

D: Besides the different projections or simultaneous lives that we have on this planet?

B: Yes.

D: About the work I do now, do you somehow mark it or do you direct it?

B: No, your higher self do

D: My Higher Self which is a part of us that coordinates your incarnations

B: That’s right

D: And what kind of instructions do you give to our Higher Self for this?

B: Precisely that, that it coordinates them. Your Higher Self is a consciousness, it forms part of me, it is a part of me that is in charge of the supervision of all the projections that I make, but you also perceive it as something slightly individual, separated from you and me because we are in different planes and evolutionary levels.

D: I understand, a field of consciousness… Is it static on the evolutionary level to which you project it?

B: Yes.

D: Is that what we call a sixth density or one of the levels of the energy or evolutionary structure of the galaxy?

B: According to your understanding, yes. Is the evolutionary level you call sixth density

D: So all the work of preparing each of the incarnations is done with the higher Self not with you directly… well, although we’re part of the same thing

B: Yes, with your higher self, but he is still part of me. Simply the instructions are to expand further down and project into denser planes

D: And you tell the Higher Self to go down one more plane or go down two… ?

B: Wherever we want to experience, but to experience ourselves in lower densities we need those vehicles and physical bodies like the one you have now, but I am not your body, I am a consciousness, do you understand? Your body is something you use, or we both use, you know that

D: When I disincarnate on what we call the period between lives, is there any contact with you in general? The spirit that I am, the projection of the Being, is it in contact with the BEING?

B: Not necessarily

D: But somehow it contacts the higher self… doesn’t it?

B: Yes, mainly with the higher Self which you see as the source

D: Each of the roadmaps, life missions, life lessons, do we always program them through the Higher Self?

B: During the period between lives? It is your spiritual guides and the Higher Self that coordinates everything. Every projection of mine has its guides to assist it. It’s like a waterfall.

D: Is it as easy to connect in meditation with the higher Self as it is with you?

B: yes, it’s a part of me, it’s just a level closer to you, so it’s easier for you. You already do it with your work

D: Is it as easy to connect in meditation with the Higher Self as it is with you?

B: Yes, it’s a part of me, it’s just a level closer to you that’s why it’s so easy for you. You already do it with your work

D: Ok.. well, can I ask you about another topic? This evolutionary level step that we are involved in that I will take or the whole human race will give, and also the planet… is there a time when I will reintegrate with you with the whole being that is you?

B: Yes the day will come

D: What level do I have to go to in order to reintegrate with you?

B: You must pass this wheel

D: Get in and pass what I call the seventh density? The last evolutionary level of this octave or group of levels of consciousness?

B: Correct

D: Okay, every portion of the Self, when it reaches the seventh density is reintegrated with its BEING

B: Yes

D: And, is he born again at other higher levels?

B: Yes if the group consciousness to which I belong requires it and decides it

D: What are you working on or what is your specialty, your mission, if there’s any?

B: We are the ones who maintain… I can’t find words for it… we are the energy field that puts screens or structures in creation, we are the group that maintains the structures… we sustain and protect…

D: Have you worked or are you working right now on our planet, not incarnate, but the group consciousness to which you belong?

B: Some parts of it yes

D: And related to the change too, when we’ll be at the next frequency or consciousness level, will it be easier to connect, in general, with you than now?

B: Yes, much more easier

D: Because is it less dense?

B: That’s right

D: On a telepathically way or something like deep meditation?

B: Yes, it’s much easier to perceive the rest of the parts of yourself once you leave your physical body behind

D: Are all the projections you have on planet Earth [my simultaneous lives] aware of you?

B: No

D: Is there any projection of you more aware than me, that is, of this year’s “David”?

B: Yes, an incarnation that exists in a past era that you call the Persian Empire

D: Why have I been able to become aware of you now and other parts or lives of mine have not? What difference do the different projections you have, or have, so that some perceive their Being and others do not?

B: Your effort, your energetic configuration and the combination with energies and people from the environment that surrounds you is what has propitiated your understanding and comprehension of what you are and how to connect with it as well as your decision in the period between lives to do what you are doing.

D: So it is because of my desire to do so, the joint work, the roadmap or plan agreed upon before embodiment and the agreements with others that have facilitated this?

B: That’s right, you had already agreed to it before

D: I haven’t done it in other lives because it wasn’t necessary or because I didn’t know how to do it?

B: It’s only being necessary in that life I told you about in the Persian Empire

D: Are there projections from you in what I might call my future?

B: Yes, time is simultaneous

D: Even in the fourth density?

B: Yes, when you pass a level a new wheel is started in the level you are

D: A new evolutionary wheel for third density life you mean?

B: Yes, the evolution of second density will start a new wheel in third density when humans have moved on to fourth

D: Okay, let’s say it’s as if nature, the animal kingdom or part of it, repopulates the planet with third density life… And can we perceive from the fourth to the third?

B: Not necessarily, you’ll see, they are very far apart vibrating

The conversation continues, but already mixed with more personal and less generic questions, which I will try to extract to put it in another article, in case some of you may be interested or helpful.