In almost all cases of entities hooked or anchored to us, we find a huge variety of cases and situations, among others, those in which all kinds of astral entities, or even souls of people who have not yet transitioned, find their way to “resonate” exactly with our energetic system allowing itself to be able to “anchor” to it.

It also happens that many deceased people are anchored to someone for a specific reason, such as, for example, being emotionally tied to that person (either for love or hate), and it happens that even the “host” also resists consciously or unconsciously to “let it go”. In these cases, it is not possible to expel that soul “by force” and therefore one must do something like becoming an “astral therapist”, indicating, mentally or psychically, to the entity that it must leave that anchorage and go to the planes to which it should transition. In many cases, you have to be smarter than the entity in order to give it better reasons than being tied to a person in order to get rid of the energetic coupling, due to a change in frequency in one of the parts, because when this happens, the coupling cannot hold for longer.

Identical resonance frequency

Most entity couplings, whatever the type, occur simply because the resonance frequency of the person’s energetic system resonates or provides a frequency that matches or is compatible with the frequency of the entity, being easier to stick than to another person having a completely different type of vibrating frequency. It is not possible that anything or anyone will anchor to you if your resonance frequency is above of the entity’s or negative form in question frequency.

With these type of couplings, the problem is to determine how it is affecting us and how they take advantage of us or not, so that the person must work to remove the element that is causing the entity to remain anchored. In the simplest cases, an entity that wants to nourish itself from the energy of the rage of its “prey” will generate and induce this person to feel and provoke all kinds of conflicts that generate this emotion, or it will amplify ad infinitum all kinds of negative emotions that find inside the person, for very petty they are. For example, in the event that an entity wants to “avenge” or “attack” a person, for whatever reason, it induce the person to drink in order to destroy the person’s faculties, options, understanding, etc. The person, in this case, can change his resonance frequency by doing absolutely nothing of what seems to induce him to problems or destruction of his life. In all cases, the entity will try to convince us that it does it for our good, or that it is something that benefits us, when in fact it is a control, manipulation and disappointment with the purpose of keeping the coupling well anchored.

Changing the resonance frequency

With the different techniques that we have and work, we can in many cases expel all kind of entities, from the most basic, which are compact shapes and semi-intelligent (but not much) of negative energy, to really “dangerous” things. However if there is still an energy or resonance frequency in an individual that makes it attractive or easy prey for an entity, despite you expelled it, you can find another entity anchored again two weeks later.

The solution is to change your frequency level, that means learning a lot about the mechanisms of anchorage and “nutrition” of these type of beings, mental, emotional, physical and energetic cleansing, knowledge of cause (knowing what may be happening), and other ways to keep you in “good condition” at all levels, because the only reason for an entity, whatever it may be, to be able to anchor to us, is because it resonates at a similar frequency. Elevate yours, and it will not be possible that you again become host of any bug of this style, because simply, by pure “physics”, it cannot, since it does not resonate with you.