That’s all we come to do in our earthly experience, in our life. That is the whole purpose of our existence, of what we are, of what we want to be. We are an infinitesimal part of the great energy of all that exists, but although a small part, we are holders of all its full potential.

We are here because we have chosen to experience the Whole, to experience the pleasure of Creation, we have the power to do it and we don’t have to give up on it or be afraid of it.

Our Higher Self, the part of us that coordinates all of our evolutionary process in this dimension, can guide us towards the lessons and situations we have decided to experience in the course of this life. Some may come from incomplete past experiences (karma, understood as the principle of causality by which each action corresponds to a reaction), and others were decided by ourselves before we incarnated.

So all we have to do right now is to learn to create, to consciously manifest our life, to see that everything that we own and have is because it has been created by us, projected from the content present in our mental body, via our pineal gland, with all the mechanisms that lead us to see the reality we manifest daily without being aware of it. Let’s allow our Higher Self to go guiding us towards those experiences that we have defined in advance, project what it is needed and for the rest let’s play just to experience what we want to be and live.

It is a great revelation, and it is what gives meaning to all that we are and can experience. What do I want to experience right now? I have to define it, and learn to create it, because once I understand and internalize the mechanism so that it is automatic for me to do so, there’s not going to be any moment in which I don’t feel the bliss of having been the creator of everything that happens in my life.