Creating and cancelling goals


During this long weekend, I have been reviewing my list of goals for this year to see which of them had been implemented, which ones are still a long way off or don’t seem they will finally come about. While thinking about the last ones I have realized that in spite of being solid goals having been planned with all the intention and energy at the beginning of the year, they are simply no longer part of what I want to achieve, and the beginning of the materialization process has exhausted its effects. At some point, in the last few months I have changed my mind, thus losing all the possible materialization work I had planned. This is not serious nor a disaster, but invites us to consider how we “waste” time and energy and then, we cancel the goals we had set for ourselves.

Can we materialize everything we set for ourselves?

Based on our freedom of choice and thought, we have the power to create the situations we want for our lives. All thought thrown to the “universe”, with enough energy, through our pineal gland, the holographic projector of our reality, becomes a picked up wish which sets in motion a process to make it come true. If we change our mind at the halfway stage, many things that were already prepared to happen will be cancelled, or will occur in a different way, and our original wish will simply not happen as we have changed our mind (and the octaves of energy and manifestation processes of the wish are cancelled).

For example: imagine you are upset about always having noisy people around at the office who prevent you from focusing your attention, and you want to (mentally) move to another more relaxing place where you can work more calmly. The moment you mentally wish you had moved, that wish becomes a projected energy and starts to prepare the necessary changes on the mental plane: as an example, the air conditioning unit breaks down and you have to be transferred, another example could be an excuse so you can ask to change the place of your desk, a reorganization of the team, in fact anything which could have physically produced this result would have been set in motion by the different mechanisms governing the manifestation of reality on the physical plane.

Time after, however, you may decide you are not that bad after spending a day without anyone bothering you so now change is not needed… Ahhhh! They (symbolically) said “up there”. We had just started to plan the actions to take so you could change and now you cancel it! Well, so in the end you have not moved from your place, and if you want to do it, it would be better to decide it clearly and keep your wishes.

Contemplating vs Creating

Our everyday problem is that we do not know we are capable of creating and projecting our own life, and that is why we so often modify what we want. We live in a “contemplative” attitude, not a “creative” one. The secret is: always be aware that each and every situation we live has been created by ourselves with a simple thought being maintained long enough so that all the actions and events necessary for it to happen had enough time to be translated into reality.

What happens when we want to create something that we cannot have / it is not the time / we are not prepared? The time it will take for that wish to come true will be proportional to how easy / difficult, prepared / unprepared we are. But if intention is held, the wish always ends up manifesting, in one way or another, and in due time, rhythm and factors associated to it.

Let’s say now I want to be an astronaut, with all my strength, I am passionate about it and I only think about it, I only focus on this goal. What will the universe / the collective unconscious / higher realities do for me to be an astronaut?

Probably the forces of synchronicity would immediately start up and put before my eyes some newspaper advertisement on the space race, related books would coincidentally fall into my hands, I would find people talking to me about this issue, I would register for courses, I would immerse myself in the space race, the right teachers and opportunities would show up and, maybe in 10 years, I would be able to make my first space trip. My wish has been fulfilled because for ten years I have kept my intention and I have made it easy for the doors to be opened and cross them (and I had the courage to cross them). I have followed signs and crossed doors. I have lived in a “creative” mode. But it took me 10 years to materialize my wish. Should I have said after one month and a half “now I want to be a fireman”, nothing would have happened. Just another scream by the higher realities for the work done in vain…

How to decide what you want and keep it?

Hard to say. How to know what you really want? How to know where/how to focus your energy to materialize your true wishes? Here’s where inner knowledge bursts into, listening to oneself, following our intuition and discovering what we really want to achieve. All is related in this physical plane and there is nothing not affecting everything else or having no connection with the rest of things. What we feel passionate about is what motivates us, what motivates us makes us feel excited, active and focused. And this concentration and excitement is what generates a powerful creative beam which attracts that we are eager for. Learning to manage the creative process is part of our evolution, and we do not know all the potential we have, which we are not taking advantage of because we are not aware of it.

Live your life creatively, get up every morning with the intention of creating your day and your reality just like you want it to be, otherwise the combined forces of the rest of the people will immerse you into real life, unconsciously agreed but having nothing to do with the reality you want for you. Remember your world is yours. And even though it seems people next door live in the same world, their perception and existence is totally different. They have their own reality, consciously created or not, this you will never know. But you do not mind either. Be aware of your thoughts, and you will see it’s increasingly easier for you to see the doors you will have to cross to see your goals materialized.

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