As you can see we already have some articles on the blog dedicated to manifestation methods of that what we want. I hope they are appropriate for this beginning of the year in which we are all rethinking our goals for the upcoming months: so let’s start with a new subject: the use of intention to consciously create.

What is intention?

Intention is basically the generic and focalized desire of obtaining a result. It is the idea launched to the “universe” (as a generic concept of the vast pool of energy that shapes reality) of what we want to achieve, but without going into details. An intention is, for example, saying that as from now you want to work full-time as a professor, that you wish to switch jobs, that you wish to move to another house, etc. Intention does not gives us detail, and by not doing it, you are freeing that creating energy to manifest the desire in the scenario that best suits you.

Intention v. Visualization

When we create that what we want through visualization, we are creating the final scenario of what we desire with all the details of how we want it (and always with us embedded in the visualization, if not , that scenario can occur without you in it, it has happened). We are telling the “universe” to model the reality that we attract to us exactly that way. This method is perfect when we know what we want, how we want it and how it affects us (for example, when you are looking for a place to park your vehicle, and you imagine yourself with the car parked already in the front of your house, with all the details that are familiar to you), but when what we need is to manifest a more complex or more abstract reality (switching jobs), manifesting through intention gives better results.

Intention asks for a strong and clear “desire” but it does not add barriers to how it should get to us and it allows that the possible scenarios are created by themselves. This requires some sense of letting go by life and trusting, specially trusting to a 100% in that what comes to us would be the best scenario for us, even though it was not how we had planned it. This is so because intention works via the Higher Self, which takes care of the steps to make that request a reality as best as it can do so within the “rules of the game”.

When to use each method?

Personally, if I am sure about what I want, such object or a concrete situation, I try to manifest it through visualization, but if I have a more generic desire, which I wish to get but do not know very well how it could concrete itself, I use intention and blindly trust in that what it comes would be the best for me in that moment. This method is also valid for receiving answers, for example, you have a doubt about the origin of the universe (to say something simple) and you put the intention of receiving information about it. You are not visualizing the physics book where the explanation is in page 40, you simply do not know where that information is, so you trust it will come to you is the best moment in the right way.

Living from intention to intention

Day to day can turn a continuity of fantastic surprises if we live from intention to intention, instead from wish to wish. When we live creating from a more generic level, we let life surprise us, and we do not count its steps by days or years, instead by fulfilled intentions. when what we wanted has manifested, we rethink the situation for the next step, letting the Higher Self be in charge, as it knows what is best for us, and makes sure we got it in the most adequate way according to our higher good.