Today I have an inspired day, plus I’ve been making long coffees for two days with some friends talking about astral travel, the Gateway Voyage’s techniques, and about Bruce Moen’s books, so it seems that I’m plenty on topics to think about and things to meditate on.

So, yesterday, in one of those conversations, concentration issues and conscious creation came up again. They, my colleagues, were talking about the difference between “contemplating” and “creating”. When I wait for a job to “fall from heaven” I am contemplating, when I actively get to visualize the job that I want, how I feel in it, etc., I am creating.

The way I understand things work is as follows:

Based on our freedom of choice and thought, we have the power to create the situations that we want to be part of our life. All thought thrown to the “universe” (the non-physical planes and higher dimensions, specially the so-called mental plane) with enough energy becomes a desire picked up by “up there” that is set in motion to make it a reality. If we change of idea halfway many of the things that were already prepared to happen will be cancelled or will occur in another way, and our original desire simply won’t happen since we have changed the idea and the processes, octaves and energies set in motion will be cancelled.

I’ll explain with an example. Annoyed by always having people around in the office (my area is quite busy), I wanted to change (mentally) to another quiet place where I could do my things (like writing this blog post without people looking at what I was doing). I mentally wished to move and that desire became an energy collected by the”universe” (later we will change the name to this, but for now let’s call it this way) that began to prepare the necessary changes: for example, a problem in the air conditioning machines that demanded a transfer, an excuse for me to ask for the change of desk, a reorganization of the team, anything that physically would have given that result could have been put in motion.

Days later, after spending a day without anyone bothering me I decided that it was not so bad after all and that I didn’t need to move…. ahhhh! – they said “up there” – we had started planning the actions that would have to happen so you could move to another location and now you cancel! So it was, I mean, I have not moved from my site and if I want to, it will be better to decide it and keep my wish.

With all this I mean that what you want is what ends up manifesting in your life if you really keep your desire, your focus and your intention, as the “mental scenarios” need to form on the mental plane and then “move down” to the etheric and then to the physical reality. Our daily problem is that we don’t know that we are able to create our own life and that’s why we change so often what we desire. We live in a “contemplative” and not “creative” attitude.

What happens when we want to create something that we cannot have/ it’s not the time/we are not prepared? The time it will take for that desire or need to become a reality will be proportional to how easy/difficult, prepared/unprepared one is. Let’s say I want to be an astronaut now, with all my strength. What will the “universe” do to make me an astronaut? Probably it will place in front of my eyes some advertisement of some newspaper about the space career, it will fall into my hands books about it “by chance”, I will find people who will talk to me about it, I will join courses, I’ll get full into the space career, then will appear the right teachers and the right opportunities and maybe in 10 years I can make my first space trip. Well, my wish has been fulfilled because during these ten years I have kept my intention and I have made it easy for the “universe” to put in front of me the open doors that I had to cross. But it took me 10 years to materialize my desire. Nothing would have happened if a month and a half later I had said “now I want to be a fireman.” Another cry up there for the work done in vain…

The difficult part comes now. How to know what one truly wants? How to know where to focus your energy to materialize your true desires? There comes the part of the guides and helpers we all have, that is, that’s where the spiritual guides and our Higher Self  assist us. They can see beyond the day-to-day and are able to see the possible results of each of your decisions (remember, we have freedom of choice) and guide you through. What I learned yesterday is that your guides may suggest what it is that you can/should create at this time in your life, what is more beneficial for you and your evolution.

Speaking of evolution, if you don’t believe in reincarnation and that in this life we come to learn a set of lessons that we previously chose, all of this doesn’t make much sense. One is born with a goal to fulfill pre-established by oneself, by our Higher Self and our soul, before being born. We come to this world with an ideal scenario to fulfill, for example, to learn what is love (a not at all specific task but can be very hard to realize). So, we choose a life and an environment that can help us, in this incarnation, to learn what love is. That we decide to go to the cinema to see film A or film B is not predestined, nor that we decide not to learn anything from love or any other matters that could be on your “curriculum”, everything is entirely our decision. When in the first case there is no kind of consequence (perhaps a message about love that we lose, but that will surely be put before us on another occasion), giving up the mission that we ourselves have set for it is like losing a whole life incarnated in a body with which we are not going to experience anything.

The consequences will be noticed at an unconscious level in this life, we will be depressed without knowing why, maybe we feel that we must do something or that we are acting in the wrong direction, etc. Going against what you feel has negative repercussions far beyond the day-to-day. That is why the most repeated message I’ve had since I started this path is:

Follow your heart, search in yourself, only that will make your life perfect. Everything else is already in charge of the universe, and you will have it when you need it.