Those who use and know some types of energy therapies already know that symbols are used to transmit or apply a certain type of energy, the energy represented by that symbol. They help us to give a pre-fixed order to the energy system (where we are applying this energy) to execute an action. For example: if we apply a symbol representing health or happiness, we are sending the energy that the symbol represents so that the canalized energy has that effect in particular.

Well, one thing we can do very simply, is to create our own symbol of power, giving it an order, that is, programming it, and start using it for what we have created it.

Creating our own symbol

A symbol has two parts, the “drawing” and the name. Suppose we are going to create one that help us to protect ourselves energetically when we leave every day from home. We can invent a drawing for this, suppose that we choose that the drawing of the symbol is a circle with a point in the center, symbolizing the point as ourselves, and the circle as the protection that is given to us. We will call it “protection”.

Energy generation

Once we know how we want to call and represent it, we are going to enter into a small meditation or in a very relaxed state, we will inspire, making the energy that surrounds us enter into us and start concentrating on the palms of our hands. We are going to put one hand in front of the other, as if we were creating a globe of energy between them. We are going to imagine that by the “palmochakras” (the chakras of the palm of the hands) comes out that energy that we collect and forms together like a big balloon. Simply with the conscious intention that the energy flows into your hands and concentrates there, will be enough.

Once we notice that we have an accumulation of energy between our palms, we are going to “model” this energy, as if we were working a piece of clay. Let’s give it the shape of the symbol we want, mentally and moving our hands, we’re going to give it a spherical shape. Let’s draw that circle and then we’ll draw that dot in the middle. In this way, we have energetically created our own symbol of power.

Programming of the symbol

Now we have to program that energy what to do every time we invoke it, and to do this, we will give it a name, mentally, or we can say something like: I program you to protect me energetically and your name will be “protection”. You can repeat it several times if you wish.

When you have it programmed, it is ready to be used. And the first thing you can do is to insert that symbol in yourselves, bringing your hands to your body, for example, to the heart’s chakra, and doing as if you put the symbol inside yourself.

Normal use

From now on, whenever you want to take advantage of the power of the symbol that you have created, all you have to do is enter in a small meditation, draw the symbol mentally or with your hands and “Insert it” into yourself by repeating its name several times to “activate” it. And you can even insert it in other people. The energy that you have created now has a function and a representation, so that each time you use it you will be reinforcing its programming and power. Same will happen with everything you want to create You can create symbols to attract abundance, love, happiness, protection, etc. Be creative and the energy will flow.