A timeline is nothing more than a sequence of linear events, one after the other, of a determined scale. A personal timeline is the sequence of events that will occur in somebody’s life as a consequence of his actions, meanwhile a global timeline is the series of events that will take place globally as a result of the actions of the entire planet .

Changing our personal timeline

Changing our own timeline is simple, change your thoughts, actions, decisions and emotions and you will generate a sequence of completely different effects and situations. When you go to a Tarot reading, for example, and they give you a list of possible situations that can happen to you, what they are saying (if they do it right, of course) is observing from the present point of view, at the time of the consultation, the effects of everything that you have set in motion before and that is currently taking form in your journey to be materialized soon in your reality.

A timeline of a person can easily be foreseen in the short term. To begin with, you can without any effort, know what your tomorrow’s routine will be like, a series of situations that you already know in detail. Even so, they are situations that are part of your timeline because they are the result of decisions, actions, thoughts or events that you have made in the past. You can decide to do something completely different (thanks to free will) and your timeline will be 100% changed. So, at an individual level, we can redirect our lives and the events that will occur to us in the future, this happens ONLY and SIMPLY by redirecting dozens of small decisions, actions and thoughts that we have at this moment.

Shopping carts

Imagine a long line of carts in a supermarket hooked together. Imagine a thousand carts.

That is a representation of your timeline. Your decisions and actions are the energy that pushes that pile of carts. Do you realize that when you push the carts they do not go straight and you must force them so that the entire row goes in the direction you want?

In addition, each cart exerts some pressure due to the connection with the previous cart, the floor friction, etc. Simply, that is the way a conscious change of timeline works. If you don’t like the way things are today, you will like them less tomorrow, because unless you start today moving those carts left and right in another direction so the whole timeline takes another course , things will not move a bit. Each cart acts according to what indicates the cart behind, as each event in your life depends only upon the ones you created just before.

Conscious creation, Law of Attraction, modification of reality

These are concepts aimed to modify our personal timelines. With some tools we study how to push the carts in a certain way, with others we learn about how is the connection between them and the way they are pushed and moved in a specific direction. With other tools we learn to clear the road or find the most convenient route to let them go through. But the most important thing of all is to be conscious that YOU have the responsibility to push the carts, to take control of your present EVERY DAY, to modify your future EVERY DAY.

The way to do it, is very simple: take mini-steps, mini-tasks, mini-decisions, tiny CONSTANT changes that will start moving your line of carts in another direction (if you don’t like the one you are following today). You don’t need any physical, economic or emotional effort. It requires only small constant steps, knowing that we give them in order to get little by little, those things and events that we have really decided we want to have and live in our life.