Crystals, minerals and precious gems have always been extremely useful tools for our personal growth. Their electromagnetic vibration can resonate specifically with one or several chakras, as well as with different energy states that we can have at some point in our life, so that, in different situations, we find that the crystals that can help us in our evolution are different. Gems and minerals are useful because they store energy, and because they emit vibrations that resonate with our personal electromagnetic field. We can use stones that vibrate exactly like one of our chakras, and that can be used as a companion for our whole life, or we can simply use different minerals at different times depending on what we want to achieve.

How to choose the right stone?

If you are clear about what area of your life/body/mind you want to deal with, just search for information and find the right stone for your situation. There are thousands of books and pages on the Internet that specify those crystals and minerals that vibrate at the same frequency as the chakra that governs the energy center to be healed, or that have properties suitable for what we seek. If you are not very clear that you need a particular stone, let yourself go. Go through a gem and mineral store, and watch those that catch your eye. The minerals know what you need at every moment, and you can let them choose you. Also, you can pass your hand over them, and see if you notice any special sensation; or you can look at them and see if you have any thoughts about them in the mind or guess which of them is calling you, etc. Do not hesitate, go for the one that attracts you most and search later for its meaning and properties at home, if you do not know them. You will be surprised to discover that you have brought with you the perfect crystal for the situation you need to unbind or deal with at that moment.

Cleaning, charging and maintaining the crystals.

The crystals, by their composition and properties, absorb the energy of those who come into contact with them. That is why it is important to clean them before taking them with us. There are many methods, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Personally, I leave them overnight in salt to be discharged and purified. It is also advisable to charge them with sunlight and carry it with us for at least a couple of months, until our frequency is balanced with that of the crystal and it has time to carry out its work. The crystals are “living” structures and good allies in our personal growth, so use them and take care of them, and you will notice subtle changes through the help they provide.