Energetically, the world in which we live is nothing but trillions of waves, vibrations of different frequency, power, amplitude and phase that are combined with each other, transmuted through our energy system, our senses and our mind, and they turn into the external reality that we perceive as the world.

If we could plug an oscilloscope into these universal energies that make up our entire existence, we would see, in some way, the typical wave that we all know, with its crests and valleys (the highest and the lowest part), and that, combined between them, they result in energies or vibrations that come to us and manifest in our life as “high” and “low”. It is known the study of the biorhythms of the human body in which we go through different phases, “high” points of vitality (for example) and low points. At the level of all areas of our life, the principle is the same.

Studying our cycles

Whatever we do, we can not escape this cyclical phase of the energy that surrounds us, among other things because we are part of it. But we can take advantage of it in our favor, studying and analyzing when these crests arrive, how long they last, when the descent begins and when we are in the valley. The idea is to analyze each one for itself, because although this same concept is also applied at the macro level, we are not so disposed to study the different phases since we do not have the complete vision and the global perspective that we would need to understand the cycles and phases on that scale.

But doing it in your day to day is not that complicated. In what phase of each area of your life are you now? The idea is to analyze for different sections of life if you think you are at a high point, going up to one, stuck in the ridge, coming down from the ridge, entering the valley, at the lowest point of the valley or recovering towards up again. All this can be written down in a notebook, and start tuning to discover your cycles.

Everything has its cycle

Different energies and life areas have different phases, in fact, for example, in the area of ​​abundance (the easiest to study), there are moments of influx of economic resources, moments of stagnation, moments of loss, moments of recovery. All areas work the same. Knowing that energetically these global concepts are manifested through us (through the chakras, aura and subtle bodies), we can prepare ourselves to better handle the effects of the cyclic passage of energy through our life. For example, if we are in a phase of growth, it is good to be clean energetically and to stop not blocking even one of the resources that are reaching us, so that we can transmute the maximum possible of these energies. If we are in the phase of stagnation, it is necessary to clear the way for the new recovery (creating or working to create new channels of manifestation, or clearing obstacles in our path that may delay us from getting hooked to the “rising” wave that rises again) .

Planning resources and tools

If you detect that you are in a climbing moment, that you will soon reach the ridge in a specific life area, prepare the resources you need to ride the next downward cycle,keep in mind that then this small descent starts, which will then take you to a small valley, and have the tools to be able to propel you and climb more quickly back to the next ascending cycle. Although this explanation I give you is theoretical, it is very easy to observe these cycles at any time of your life. In many cases, these are not cycles where the changes are enormous, often they are small modifications, small increases and small decreases. The highest and best point of an area of ​​life is not so “wow” or the lowest point is so “disastrous”. It may be that at certain times these waves and energies have a great amplitude (very large difference between the ridge and the valley) but in most cases, excessive variations are not perceived, or they will be unequal (in one area there will be a great difference and in others they will be almost imperceptible).

It is but one more degree of control over the physical laws and processes of the world in which we live. Understand more and more in detail the whole system that represents our external reality and see how we can adapt and flow with those laws in the most harmonious and beneficial possible way.