David Topí

“No one can be forced to grow, awaken, evolve or learn without violating his free will. Only tools, knowledge and support can be offered so that each one can take control of his life and decide what to do with his evolutionary path.”. David Topí.

An engineer by profession, he is currently a versatile writer, trainer and therapist. He works especially in disseminating, teaching and training people in issues of personal development, metaphysics, expansion of consciousness, etc., understanding these issues by that which is beyond the world we perceive with our senses. He is also a therapist in energetic healings, using the technique of Akashic Healing.

He has created the School of Metaphysics and Transpersonal Development (EMEDT) with the intention of providing an organized and coherent framework to impart all that information, techniques, tools and knowledge that are necessary to enhance personal growth and the transformation of the personal reality of the individual, which in turn modify, step by step, the global reality of the planet.

A tireless seeker, he has been self-trained and interested in metaphysics, alternative therapies, the development of our innate “spiritual” abilities and a system of personal development that allows human beings to express their maximum potential and reach answers to questions that are sometimes hidden deep within ourselves.