“No one can be forced to grow, awaken, evolve or learn without violating his free will. Only tools, knowledge and support can be offered so that each one can take control of his life and decide what to do with his evolutionary path.”. David Topí.

An engineer by profession, he is currently a versatile writer, trainer and therapist. He works especially in disseminating, teaching and training people in issues of personal development, metaphysics, expansion of consciousness, etc., understanding these issues by that which is beyond the world we perceive with our senses. He is also a therapist in energetic healings, using the technique of Akashic Healing.>font color=”#000000″> He has created in Barcelona the School of Metaphysics and Transpersonal Development (EMEDT) with the intention of providing an organized and coherent framework to impart all that information, techniques, tools and knowledge that are necessary to enhance personal growth and the transformation of the personal reality of the individual, which in turn modify, step by step, the global reality of the planet. A tireless seeker, he has been self-trained and interested in metaphysics, alternative therapies, the development of our innate “spiritual” abilities and a system of personal development that allows human beings to express their maximum potential and reach answers to questions that are sometimes hidden deep within ourselves.

Purpose of this blog and about me

A reader asked me the following question:

What did you have to do to reach this level of connection with your Higher Self and your guides or those who help you and now it seems that they can explain “everything” to you? How do we get there the rest of the people to be able to verify and have access to all this information by ourselves? Thanks for all this work by the way, I would like to participate and collaborate but I do not get that cleanliness or fluidity in the connection with my Higher Self that I have been looking for a long time.

And this is what I can answer:

Everyone has a mission or purpose and, in my case, it has to do with what you see reflected in the blog or in the courses, books or everything I do. This purpose is accepted by the soul for each incarnation and arises from the Higher Self towards the spirit body and this towards the soul, or directly from the Higher Self to the soul if the former is not present. If the soul “accepts” and this work proposal for each life seems “good,” then the problem comes in bringing that idea, knowledge and “function” to the personality, which “wakes up” and it starts the steps to be able to carry it out. As far as I am aware, in all my incarnations I am doing this kind of “informative” and formation work in one way or another and with the tools and knowledge that exist in each historical era in which I have an active and simultaneous incarnation (with which I work consciously from this incarnation as “David” to be able to assist myself in this same work in other humanity epochs).

Once the soul and the Higher Self get the personality to “discover” that purpose and consciously accept it, the soul and the Higher Self try to provide it with the tools, opportunities and resources to carry it out, letting the personality “lead” the process, make the effort, move forward or backward in it, make its mistakes and learn from them, etc. In my case, it began with the learning of meditation techniques that led me at the beginning of 2003 to connect with those who assist me, which we call “guides,” and from there to start receiving small images, phrases or very brief messages with very basic content.

Since 2003, the daily use of meditation, work with the pendulum, synchronicities, “automatic” writing and learning self-healing techniques led me to be able to “clear” a part of the blockages inherent and present in the human being in the mind (the mental spheres), my sphere of consciousness and my personality, the golden cord and my psychic and energetic structure. From the “thrust” of the soul and the Higher Self , boosting the energy of the will and minimizing the activation of the archetypes of non-evolution, those small images or simple messages were over the years being more and more precise, clear and detailed. As I was more deprogrammed and healed, greater clarity and precision, suffering on the other hand huge psychic attacks and manipulations and all kinds of blockages by RIC (races in control) and CS (control system of humanity) that seek every minute how to prevent these connections, because they are marked as “very dangerous” for them and, therefore, they assign you 24-hour surveillance and, if they can, try to prevent you from doing them.

In order to move forward, then the will must be strengthened, so as not to give up when you are fatal and on the ground, physically, emotionally and energetically speaking. I learned to go “fixed pinion,” which basically means that whatever happened, I had to keep going (but I’ve thrown in the towel several times) and once I was getting more clarity in the data packets I received and checked for several methods that were correct, so I could rely more and apply more thoroughly to further unlock this communication. Over time, almost 17 years later, the channel is more or less stable, very fluid communication, working with my guides and my Higher Self is a continuous 24h a day and fights with the RIC and CS to continue typing another 24h a day more. Therefore, the process for all human beings is identical: to eliminate blockages and programs that impede by their nature the connection with the Higher Self beyond a basic level that is granted to us so that we maintain some of the “illusion” to being connected to the “divine,” but that does not allow to lower more than a minimum of non-dangerous information, since there are filters in the mind that detect what they are explaining to you and automatically check if you can access it by comparison with the paradigm of the preconscious mental sphere.

By removing and deprogramming, removing and healing again what they have put back after having removed it, continue insisting to learn from your Higher Self ways to get ahead, defend yourself from the RIC and all that, and have a willingness to continue learning, you can reach a level of connection and communication as direct and fluid as if you were talking with a friend about a meter away from you. On the other hand, the fact of having a public profile increases the difficulty, since those who do their process more anonymously at home, have much less restrictions because they are not so guarded (or not guarded at all) and, therefore, with a basic protection from their Higher Self and its guides can advance in their purpose or mission, connecting with their Higher Self from their personality and communicating through the internal channels that we all bring by default with fewer obstacles and more quickly.