There has always been some confusion in the esoteric or spiritual literature with regard to the terms such as densities, dimensions, parallel lives, etc. Nor does it help that when we translate texts from one language to other the terms used may look similar between them, and end up in exchanging meanings that result in no understanding of what we are talking about. Let’s begin with the concepts of dimensions and densities.

Dimensions as “parallel” reality, densities as evolutionary levels

We say that we are currently at an evolutionary level that corresponds or that we call third density. Density, not dimension. Densities are levels of expansion of consciousness, according to the term used in the books “El Material Ra”, therefore, they refer to levels of growth, which are of course related to different levels of frequency vibration, but are not more terminology to refer to the different “courses” by which we “pass” on our evolutionary path. A priori there are multiple octaves or groups of 7 densities each, in a continuous cycle since we were “created” at the level of the soul, as conscious beings, until we return to reintegrate with our Higher Self completely.

The steps of density or evolutionary level occur when one has completed the lessons in each of the levels, or when the planet in which you are executes a leap of its own evolutionary scale as it is happening now to us. In this way, as your consciousness grows, your potential grows, you need a physical vehicle according to that new level of vibration, and hence, we are occupying different “suits”. The physical “suit” that our soul is supposed to use in the new level of reality towards which we are going will have, a priori, the characteristic of being partially “physical” and energetically “mouldable” to “will”, much less “solid” once that future level is well consolidated. I recommend you the books of Míchio Kaku about the supposed physics of the new reality to give a twist to these interesting topics. For the most enthusiastic of mathematics, the theoretical description of this new level of consciousness would be something like the theory of Kaluza-Klein regarding the fifth dimension, which Einstein also worked. However, here, the term dimension is a mathematical term, and not the energetic term that we are going to explain now.

Dimensions, parallel realities

The dimensions, on the other hand, are parallel realities, horizontal planes inside a certain level of consciousness. That is, in the common level of the 3D that we all share, there are multiple realities or parallel dimensions. The theory of the “many worlds” or “multiple universes” speaks of it. These dimensions are separated one from the other by thin energetic membranes that can be “broken” or passed through with doorways, sometimes open on purpose, others spontaneously. In other dimensions co-exist all kinds of entities and realities, which can be as real as ours, with its subtle differences because despite existing inside the same evolutionary level (3D) the “reality” of that other dimension can be different and absolutely strange.

Example of parallel “global” dimensions are those in which for example the events in those other dimensions, with their own timelines, happened but here have not passed, and vice versa, things that have happened in our dimension, inside our Density, have not happened in other parallel dimensions.

Past lives, parallel lives and simultaneous lives

Another very important topic is the matter of the different “life” we have. When we are within an evolutionary level X, 3D for us now, we have different ways of perceiving the evolutionary path that we are going through. The first perception is what we call reincarnation, through which we accumulate past lives. From our point of view (soul and personality) is an incarnation that we have had, and that is over. However, this is not entirely correct, since from the point of view of our Higher Self we live what we call simultaneous lives, different incarnations of our Higher Self at the same time, in different historical epochs or not, but all of them inside the 3D level. These simultaneous life are projections of our HS in other epochs and historical moments, or even in this same one, but they are other people, with another name, race, sex, culture, etc. What from a personality point of view, is a past or future life, is actually happening simultaneously at those other levels of human beings.

Finally, a parallel life is you in another reality, another dimension. When you have had relevant bifurcations in your life, a “David”, for example in my case, took a path, but the other path I did not take, energetically still exists as a potential parallel reality in which I am living the life I would have had, had I chosen the other option. These parallel life are always within my same incarnation, and all have in common that the point of departure is the moment of birth of the person. There can exist many of these parallel lives, coexisting in the multiple parallel dimensions, which are constantly created and diluted.

In the supposed step to the next evolutionary level, what we will do is a change of reality with a new Earth structure according to this new frequency level for those who are “ready” to promote, and in the new incarnations, will continue to exist multiple dimensions, only that this time, they will take place at a higher evolutionary level.